Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What a week.......

What a week, the missionary work is moving along here in Zapala. I have lots of energy and feel happy today, which is a result of a good week. A week of teaching and finding and strengthening the ward. I love missionary work because no matter what, if we have the faith to get up everyday, try our best and really work, Heavenly Father blesses us with so many miracles. President Lovell has challenged us to really think about all of the blessings we receive every day and pay attention to all of the miracles that happen. And they aren't necessarily huge, but they are meaningful and make a difference in our attitudes. Here is a list of miracles that I have seen in this past week in my small part of the world:
We had 3 family nights with less active families; we are teaching a boy english and math, helping him pass his credits that he had to redo; we had lunch everyday this week, thanks to all of our awesome members; we had two investigators and on less active in church on sunday & we only had to go get one investigator!; we found an old investigator by contacting; we taught the word of wisdom to Anahi and she asked us "well, is that everything? I don't think this will be that hard.." WHAAAT! (:(: ; we found a new investigator with a lot of potential and is super receptive and attentive named Marianela, wahoooo!; we had a successful, productive ward council; our district meeting was really uplifting and spiritual - thanks elder jubitz... we did the invitation to be baptized with the little paper full of scriptures and we have APPLIED it in our lessons with a lot of sucess; we have investigators of gold; I have a companion that is super awesome, a hard worker, full of energy, is always happy, and is a better example to me than I am to her; our ward missionary Graciela leaves with us all day to visit people and ALWAYS makes us laugh so hard...
there are just a few of them. Missionary work is enjoyable everyday. I love it! I just want you guys to know that missionary work is the most satisfying, hardest enjoyable experience I have ever had. When I get home at night and think about all the good things that happened in one day, I literally just get so overwhelmed with joy and want to scream to the rooftops! Heavenly Father is SOO GOOD. Always count your blessings, don't dwell on your trials, but learn from them and start fresh everyday... it is POSSIBLE... always remember your Savior and His atoning sacrifice. USE IT. BE HAPPY.!!!! 

so much love from over here in zapallaaaa
hermana mama ky

just a quick missionary selfie... it's okay, i don't ever do my hair.

also, a typical view. talking with viejitos through the fence, no antonio wasn't posing. haha also, sidenote for those who are interested, if cody crandall was old and argentine, he would be this man.(:

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