Monday, January 5, 2015


Okay, this week was pretty tranquilo because of New Years. I feel like we have been doing a lot of walking, Zapala is a dead town lately. A lot of people are just out of town for the holidays or have visits, so it is hard to find our investigators with time to give us. Año Nuevo was great. We spent some time with a less active couple and the zone leaders. We ate good food and watched how to make a traditional argentine dish - pollo al disko. it was craazzyyy! 
this week, I have mostly felt really good about my studies that I am doing. I have been studying a lot about love, faith, repentence and obedience. I feel like these priciples are the most important, and often times, the hardest to accomplish and have. I love studying about obedience, and I am trying to work on my weaknesses as a missionary and a human in general when it comes to obedience. It has been really good, and I am learning a lot. something that I love is that when we are obedient, it isn't a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength because we are submitting our will to be more in line with Gods, and for that He will bless us. If you have a true to the faith somewhere laying around, definitely check out the part about obedience. And also, in the bible dictionary, read about faith, repentence and prayer! AHHH SO GOOD. can't even. 
Also, on Saturday, we had set some time aside to do contacting and receive references. We weren't having much luck, and it seemed like we had just been walking around for hours, clapping at empty houses... then, we decided to take a different route than we had planned to meet up with a member. We passed by a references house, and her gate was finally open! We ended up having a really great lesson, because Sylvana had a lot of questions about the plan of salvation and family history. It was definitely not a coincidence that we changed the route and passed by her house. She also wants us to help her son learn english, so we are really excited to start working with her family! I have definitely seen that if we continue with faith, even with little success, we will find a miracle everyday. 
Hermana Christensen and I are the best of friends, we have so much fun together and I am really thankful for the time I have had with her so far here in Zapala. I am excited to finish up this transfer strong and see what this new year has to offer!!
Make sure you guys set your goals for the new year. Goals are so cool. Give it a read in preach my gospel, chapter 8. goals reflect the desires of our hearts and our vision of what we can accomplish.. and the quote by elder ballard.. oooh so good. go reeaaaddd!! you guys have some assignments this week.. this year. we are doing a ward challenge to read the book of mormon and preach my gospel before the end of the year.. so get started!! it's all too good to be truueee. eeep i love the gospel (:

keep on keepin' on
hermana terry

the cutest. Alma & Katy. just being missionaries. Alma is going to get baptized on Feb. 14 (:
Alex, just cooking pollo al disko, just kicking it argentine (:

yes, vin diesel is argentine, didn't you know?? hahah this guy is cray. we have a great story about him. one time, alex came to see if he could fix our washing machine, meanwhile, we had a choir practice with the elders because we sang in church. He also sings, who who have thought that crazy alex has the voice of an angel. so, after, alex calls up his friend and little do you know, vin diesel shows up at our pension and totally throws our lavaropa on his back and hauls it out... it was like a movie.. just imagine it. hahah

fweakin' puuuupppyy!

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