Sunday, August 31, 2014

....a little update....P-Day

Okay, I am going to give you a little update on my week! I´ll start with last p-DAY, we didn´t do much, i took a nap in the chapel, and it was great. haha it was also a holiday type thing, (argentines looove holidays. any excuse to miss work or school is something they are about), so everything was closed and our work was.. ehh, you guys get it. haha..
okay, so, as far as numbers go, in our area, things look really rough. but, at the end of the day, i don´t feel bad about what we have done, in fact, we do a lot of good stuff, but it just doesn´t show in the numbers. so oh well! We have found one new investigator this week, and she seems to have a lot of potential. she is 19, her name is soledad... she´s super cute, but we haven´t met with her again, because she´s never home. we have also found like 5 people in the streets that said they are willing to meet with us and we can come by their house to learn, which is really great. Everyone we meet is either lonely and lives alone, or has a huge family. haha and nobody here has teeth, it´s hilarious.  Even the dogs dont have teeth. But, everyone loves bread and alfajores.. so all is well in the world! 
We have been studying a lot about integrity these past two weeks, because we just had a zone conference on friday and that was the theme. it has been really cool and interesting to learn about that. I want to be better at keeping my word, and having more honesty with myself and with others. If we aren´t honest, every other part of our lives will suffer, so I am really working on that. If a man couldn´t trust my words, why should God trust my words? He wouldn´t! We cannot lie to God, he knows all. 
Also, I have been reading the book of mormon for my personal studies.. and wow. you guys, the gospel is SO true. life is so simple. somethign i have read a lot is "in as much as ye keep my commandments, ye shall prosper in the land"... wow how simple. God is the man! I have been in Alma 1-15.. ahh he´s the man. I love reading the words of the prophets everyday. what a blessing. The scriptures literally have ALL the answers to everything. so cool.

i am loving life as a missionary. it is hard. i have never been so tired, physically and mentally. but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone´s heart or countenance change because of our spirit and our love and our message about Jesus Christ and eternal life. It´s so amazing. 

Hermana Terry

ps.. I want to hear about peoples tender mercy journals?? How´s it going? It´s really a huge blessing! it has improved my outlook of everyday so much (: (: 

old, but seriously, we were soaked my first while here. like, we took showers. it was crazy and freezing! haha

my missionary friend! a statue in someones yard that looks just like a missionary, tag and all. hhaha

Monday, August 18, 2014

no time.. hashtag mission probs

okay, this email will suck.. unlike my week. hahah i don´thave any time because i tried to write all of you back, and that just takes time! but everything here is moving along. we had a fun activity on saturday to try to get to know all the members and have all the new members meet the old members. i had some really cool spiritual experiences this week also, that i will try to write about next week. there is something good in everyday, and i am really focusing on that. missionary work is hard, but it´s so rewarding. i am really learning how to truly love people and  help them better their lives. it´s so important. my challenge this week is to start a tender mercy journal. because like i said, no matter how crappy the day seems, there is something good in everyday.. even if it´s just that we made someone smile, or didn´t get rained on. so everyday, think of something good that happened. it will better invite the spirit into your hearts! 

love you all and thank you sooo much for writing every week. it makes my heart so happy to hear about how you´re all doing. also, robbin williams died?? what the heck! i was shocked to hear that. i don´t hear much, but i am alway sshocked with the worldly stuff. all is well here and i am getting better at spanish and helping people. the most effective missionaries, or people. always act out of love.. keep that in mind  (:
hermana terry



Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Address!

I still love getting letters even though I am out in Argentina sharing the gospel.  We only receive letters every time we have a zone conference so sometimes it may take up to 2 months for me to get a letter.  So be patient with me....... ;)

Here is my address......

Hermana Kylee Terry
Misión Argentina Neuquén
Zapla N 24 - Casilla De Correo 321
8300 Neuquén

We walk A LOT.....

Family! First of all, I would like to apologize for my pathetic email last week... Culture shock is a thing, and so is home sickness. So, yah that was a weird feeling. I don´t think i have ever been homesick before last week, but I was definitely feeling it, because the lifestyle here is SO different than my lifestyle at home. BUT! It´s okay, seriously, all is well.. and I am adjusting much better to the missionary lifestyle. So now let me tell you about my full week of being a missionary in Argentina (:

We walk. A LOT. Like, we never stop walking, mostly because people never let us into their houses... haha It´s a good time (; Our area boundaries just got changed, and it´s massive. We seriously have like, half of Bariloche... okay not really, but it´s a really big area. We don´t have any progessing investigators. and we probably have 70 or more less actives/inactive members that we are trying to contact and teach again. Then we have about 20ish solid active members. But, you guys, we had EIGHT less actives at church yesterday!!! WHAAA...HOLLA! It was so wicked. >Yes, half of them we visited and invited to church this week (: yay. So the members here are really awesome. We have lunch with members everyday, and it´s normally really delicious. I have yet to have a meal that makes me want to gag... haha so hopefully that continues (: It´s also winter here in Argentina... like, freezing. Except there´s no snow on the ground. There is snow on the mountains though, so that´s like a little piece of home right in front of my eyes everyday (: Okay, let me try to explain how cold it is.. some of you will know this story and probably laugh, but I have been trying to come up with a way to explain the cold. So, remember that night we went to Temple Square with all the family right after Christmas? I had just gotten those cute new boots and other things I liked that weren´t exactly super warm. I don´t think I had a big coat or anything... And I complained the whole night about how cold I was? It was freezing that night, and soo windy! Am I right or am i basically right? Okay, so it´s like a bitter winter morning in Utah, minus the snow, plus tons of wind, plus RAIN. Ahh... that´s the worst part. Being cold and windy is bad enough, but now we are soaked to the core, and not drying because of the humidity in the air. It´s a really good time. Everyday I just pray that it won´t rain and that I will stay warm... hah that way I can focus on the work, and not how cold I am. 

The work here is moving along.. and the only way i can explain it is that we get rejected all day everyday. literally, people will come check who is clapping through the window and either a) just straight up walk away or b)wave us off, kind of angrily... haha it´s really tough. but I mostly just feel sad for everyone here. and hermana hendry told me that´s good, because that means i am feeling love for everyone. 

Mom, I don´t think you would like it here very much... lemme tell you why: argentinos love mayonaise. they put it on everything... the weirdest things! Also, there are dogs EVERYWHERE. and they bark all day and night. some are very sad, and others are really annoying. The drivers here are nuts! and i think that´s why dad is such a crazy driver (; hahah kidding. there was something else... but i don´t remember. haha anyways, it´s a crazy world down here in the south of argentina... but i love it and i am slowly getting used to the lifestyle. 

best thing here: alfajores.... ahhhh yah. holllaa

love you guys, thanks for everything!! 
Hermana Terry

ps... i would love mail! i sent my address last week.. so i will be waiting... (;

There are no pics to go with this post because I wasn't able to get them uploaded.  Next time!  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bienvenido a Argentina!

Where to begin...? 

i had a long two days of travel to get here, i left the MTC on Monday, the 28th at 6 AM... I was received in Argentina on Tuesday night! haha the mission presidents are the bomb! Super cool. The mission home is so nice (for argentina). Its like an american home! haha... we were there for two days, doing some training and house keeping rules. I got a new companion, and was assigned to an area. This means that I said goodbye to all the familiar faces from the MTC and said hello to a new place and lots of new people... my way of living did a complete 180... 
My companion is called Hermana Hendry, she is from american fork and she is very nice. super cool and a solid missionary. we are working in.. Bariloche! the best area of the mission (supposedly)... haha it is where I wanted to go though, so that´s really cool! I will just say this, missionary work is HARD. and I had no idea what i was signing up for when I decided to serve a mission. Maybe a lot of missionaries don´t say that, because we don´t want people at home to worry... Don´t worry, i am safe and healthy and living... haha but misisonary work is the hardest thing ever. Like, wow... faaaah ( that´s a spanish word for like "wooowwww"). I don´t know if thats how you spell it, but that´s how i do it. We have a lot of work here in Bariloche. A LOT. There are SO many less actives, and not so many active members. It will be good to have so much work, i think. 
My first two days in Bariloche were... interesting. It rained, nonstop, for two days straight. So imagine a really cold winter day in Utah, okay? so take that amount of cold, and then drench yourself in water, like coat and most of your clothes wet, then you walk around outside for hours on end. Yah, that´s how it has been, sounds awesome right? and because of this, nobody answers their doors. we dont knock doors here, we clap outside the fence. and everyone here lives in VERY humble circumstances. Most of the roads are dirt, there a few in town that are paved and some people have cars, but most people walk or take the bus places. We walk. and take the bus to town. but mostly walk. haha my first lunch was fun. a 3 year old flipped me off a million times, and i didn´t understand almost all the spanish i was hearing from the old woman feeding us. We have lunch with a member every day. It´s nice, they are all so great, but it´s really hard to understand all the different accents of castellano. I am trying so hard... the only person that speaks english is my companion and some of the other missionaries, that we don´t see very often. 
I am not sure what else to write... we eat one meal a day, some fruit for breakfast and then a big meal for lunch. thats how the argentinos do it! so, that´s fun. yesterday (sunday), we had a lot of plans for after lunch, referrals and menos activos and what not... not one person opened their door to us. we walked around for 3 hours with zero success... welcome to the mission life! But, then we found a family because we were trying to find another woman. We taught a lesson and are going back this week, holla! 
All is well here. Can`t complain.. keep it real, wherever you are! 

love you all!
Hermana Terry

Buenos Aires Temple

Hermana Hendry
All sorts of wet for two days straight!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Are you ALL in?

Another happy week in the MTC! How is everyone doing? I love you all, so grateful for your support and all your help while I've been in the MTC.

"I'm leeaavvinn' on a jet plane! Don't know when I'll be back again...."
SIKE. I know when I will be back! Approximately December 15 2015! Isn't that fancy? hahah but still, I am leaving on a big old airplane on MONDAY! We got our flight plans this week, and I am so PUMPED! Also, I am terrified out of my wits... Not because I think I am inadequate, but because it will just be different. Can't wait though (: I am flying out of SLC at 11ish and will land in Atlanta around 440 (their time), 240 (your time) and will be flying out of Atlanta to Buenos Aires at 9 PM, hopefully arriving at 9 AM in Argentina on Tuesday. From there, I am have no idea  what I will be doing! I'm sure I will end up in Neuquen though (:

So this week... wowzers! It has flown by, I feel like I literally just emailed 10 minutes ago. 
Anyways, I don't have much time, so I hope I can get everything out that I need to! 
*If you plan on sending me mail/packages, please make sure they will get here by Saturday, or else I probably won't get them (: 
*I do have my flight plans, but I haven't heard anything about a visa, so I can't be 100% sure that I am heading out Monday... which is annoying, right? haha yah I know.
*Hermana Christensen and I have been assigned to be Sister Training Leaders... last week, I just forgot to mention it! haha It's kinda silly in the MTC, but it's been fun to get to know everyone really well! My zone is receiving TWELVE new elders today... so that means 30 elders 6 hermanas... WOW. wish us luck (:
*We are singing in Sacrament meeting (again, who knew I could sing? Not me... haha) for our departure... a song called The Olive Tree. It's beautiful, if you don't know it, you should definitely look it up!

So my branch presidency is SO POWERFUL. I can easily say I have the best people in charge of here... they are totally like our moms and dads, and just SO darling. the Domans are the best. they are the presidents. Coach doman was a coach for BYU football, and mama Doman is just the spunkiest, coolest lady ever. She loves purple ties, so all the elders have competitions every sunday to see who will win and have the best tie, according to mama Doman. She doesn't like red ties. so on Sunday, all the elders wore red ties, it was so funny! haha Also, they are some of the most inspirational people i have ever met. They have taught me so many things, and seriously helped me gain a stronger testimony. During our Branch Counsel on Sunday, he told us that at some point on our missions, we will look ourselves in the mirror and say "Is this really what I want? Am I really converted to Christ? Why am I here?" and right then, we will have to decide if we are all in. We need to decide if we are really converted unto Christ. If an apostle fell away from the church, would that affect your testimony? Okay, then you need to be more converted. Think about some of the toughest trials, meanest things people could say that might offend you... would you leave the church? Then you're not truly converted. We need to be converted unto CHRIST. Not the Church.... man is imperfect, but Christ isn't. So I decided right then that I am fully converted. Nothing in the world would stop me from believing. And I never want to do anything that would stop me from progression or having the spirit. 

So funny story... every Wednesday morning, we have a service project at 615... in other words, we get to clean the classrooms on campus.. FUN. hahaha we have made it really fun though. We all speak in british accents, play quidditch on the brooms with awesome commentary, and have races to see who can clean toilets the fastest. It's a good time. This morning was our last! sad! BUT, something awesome happened. We were taken to the Chamber of Pillows. I am under oath to not reveal its location, but speak of it's truthfulness.. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Imagine a room, all white as far as you can see and little clouds of heaven to swim through... plus a pillow fight. It was so freaking awesome. hahaha best part of the day! Seriously though, it's real. A room full of pillows, from ground to ceiling. 

Last night, we had a testimony meeting with our Elders and the Domans. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of the week. We all bore testimony again, just like we did the first time we met the Domans, and WOW we have all progressed so much!! It's amazing. I love all our elders so much, they have SO much potential and will be amazing missionaries. I wish you guys knew them. Elder Marshall is the only one going to Ecuador, and the rest of us will be in Neuquen, which will be dope times dope. So sad to leave Elder Marshall though, he will be a prophet or something, his testimony is so freaking solid. you'd think he was preaching from the scriptures from the mountain tops, so awesome. 

So, my challenge is... what can you do in your life to be more converted to Christ? To not be offended by others? To choose to be obedient to the commandments? I am here, preparing to leave to Argentina!!! I am choosing to serve Christ, because I love Him. and i love this gospel. I feel so blessed to be here! 

Todo esta bien aqui... tengo gozo en mi alma cada dia porque puedo servir mi Salvador, Jesucristo. Yo se que el vive... 

Hermana Terry

PS... My name hasn't been spoken one time here in the MTC... haha who is Kylee??? so funny!

Sorry, I don't have many pictures this week... but this chick is headed to Cancun Mexico... she is awesome, she's in my zone and we are the best of homies for so many reasons... hahhaah
Sister Andrews everyone!