Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What a week.......

What a week, the missionary work is moving along here in Zapala. I have lots of energy and feel happy today, which is a result of a good week. A week of teaching and finding and strengthening the ward. I love missionary work because no matter what, if we have the faith to get up everyday, try our best and really work, Heavenly Father blesses us with so many miracles. President Lovell has challenged us to really think about all of the blessings we receive every day and pay attention to all of the miracles that happen. And they aren't necessarily huge, but they are meaningful and make a difference in our attitudes. Here is a list of miracles that I have seen in this past week in my small part of the world:
We had 3 family nights with less active families; we are teaching a boy english and math, helping him pass his credits that he had to redo; we had lunch everyday this week, thanks to all of our awesome members; we had two investigators and on less active in church on sunday & we only had to go get one investigator!; we found an old investigator by contacting; we taught the word of wisdom to Anahi and she asked us "well, is that everything? I don't think this will be that hard.." WHAAAT! (:(: ; we found a new investigator with a lot of potential and is super receptive and attentive named Marianela, wahoooo!; we had a successful, productive ward council; our district meeting was really uplifting and spiritual - thanks elder jubitz... we did the invitation to be baptized with the little paper full of scriptures and we have APPLIED it in our lessons with a lot of sucess; we have investigators of gold; I have a companion that is super awesome, a hard worker, full of energy, is always happy, and is a better example to me than I am to her; our ward missionary Graciela leaves with us all day to visit people and ALWAYS makes us laugh so hard...
there are just a few of them. Missionary work is enjoyable everyday. I love it! I just want you guys to know that missionary work is the most satisfying, hardest enjoyable experience I have ever had. When I get home at night and think about all the good things that happened in one day, I literally just get so overwhelmed with joy and want to scream to the rooftops! Heavenly Father is SOO GOOD. Always count your blessings, don't dwell on your trials, but learn from them and start fresh everyday... it is POSSIBLE... always remember your Savior and His atoning sacrifice. USE IT. BE HAPPY.!!!! 

so much love from over here in zapallaaaa
hermana mama ky

just a quick missionary selfie... it's okay, i don't ever do my hair.

also, a typical view. talking with viejitos through the fence, no antonio wasn't posing. haha also, sidenote for those who are interested, if cody crandall was old and argentine, he would be this man.(:

just call me mamá ky

Well, this week was pretty crazy! I was really grateful to work with my companion from the MTC, Hermana Christensen for a few days until we went to Neuquén to get our companions. It was really fun, and we did lots of great visits. Then, we went to Neuquén and had a very long, productive day. I am very excited to be training, and still a little bit lost, but I am sure that it will start to come more naturally as we start to work more. My compi is Hermana Soto from Guadalajara Mexico and is super great. She reminds me of someone I know, but I can't think of who it could be. She told me that it's because we knew we'd be companions in the premortal existence. I believe it.. (: She is hyped to be here to work, and definitely feeling some homesickness, so keep her in your prayers! But we are goign to baptized all of Zapala so don't you kids even worry!
This week was actually pretty unproductive, in comparison to the majority of my other weeks in the mission. But, we did have a few lessons with the familia Pichun, who are all less active, except the mom Rosa, who has been investigating the church for a long time, and can't be baptized because she isn't married and has a lot of trials that are stopping her from making this step. But, we taught a really cooooool lesson with Lourdes about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the church. She is 12 and super smart and has awesome questions. The reason that she doesn't go to church is because somebody offended her.... BUMMER! silly people, just don't get offended!... So we are working a lot with them on finding their faith and remembering the covenants that they made with our Heavenly Father. So Lourdes started asking about the priesthood because she didn't understand why all other churches would be incorrect, if they all teach about Jesus... we went back to teach her about the priesthood and it turned out really good. So, we are going to start focusing on them more and helping them get back to church! yay for reactivation...
Also, Anahi and Gustavo are progressing so much. The only trial we are having now is waiting for the registro civil to open up again so that they can get married and baptized... for crying out loud!! But, they are so excited and always pray that everything will go well so that they can get married and baptized. Are you kidding me! My heart feels like it is going to explode everytime I am with them. So much happiness. I love them so dang muuuch. I just want to hug their guts out... is that too much? alright but anyways. 
we have the challenge in the mission to read the book of mormon before general conference... can I just say that I am having the hardest time understand the isaiah chapters in spanish? I already don't understand in english... haha so also keep me in your prayers that I will be smarter. but, good news, my zone leader called the other night and thought i was Hermana Soto.. he told me that I already speak like a mexican... hahaha COOL DUDE. (:

much love. just trying to follow Jesus<3
Hermana Terry

it's not even windy here in zapala....

hi, just eating empanadas in the penshhh. 

heylp.... heylp mee!

Well,this last week of the transfer was super great and interesting!! It was a pretty great capacitación that we had... guess what? NO MORE NUMBERRSSSS!! Yes, for real, we are not doing key indicators anymore in my mission. the only thing we will count are baptisms and attendance at church. We are working this out from a book called 'the Daily Missionary' by Elder Christensen. it is called those who don't come to the herd.. or something like that in english... it is super cool because we are focusing specifically on less actives and investigators and their needs, not just how many lessons we taught in the week. I am super excited about the changes of numbers into focusing more on the people and their needs. I was thinking a lot about the changes and I realized that I think about numbers so much! Not just to do them, but because I like to accomplish my goals when I make them and I think that these new changes will help a ton with the goals I have to help less actives and investigators. Now we can focus more on them and getting them involved with the church and other members, instead of worrying so much at the end of the week about the weekly numbers. 
Also, I was kind of sad about transfers and splitting up from Hermana christensen... you guys will never guess what the heyck i am going to be doing this weekk...

I AM GOING TO TRAIN A NEW MISSIONARY. whaaaaaat? so crazy, literally still can't believe it. until thursday, I will be with my home girl hermana Christensen from the MTC!! how fun<3
but I am very excited and nervous to train a new missionary. It is definitely a crazy, jittery feeling. I feel like I have just started my mission, and I totally remember how it felt to start, so I am excited to help someone new start working and just love the mission. 
something great that happened this week was an awesome lesson about the law of chastity and marriage with our investigators Anahi and Gustavo. they are so great and receptive. We talked about their doubts and fears, and how to overcome them. They decided that the biggest decision was just to actually decide and act! So they are now talking about how excited they are to keep learning so that they can get married when the registro civil opens in February and get baptized after. They totally understood the importance of maintaining our bodies and spirits clean so that we keep really follow God and have the spirit! It was so cool. (: 
I love the misssionnn!! it is too fun and great to even be true. Keep on keepin' on and just trust the Lord with all the things you love, and worry about, He WILL help you out. 
thanks for everything, love you all super duper much. 
hey, freakin' shout out to mckel and drake, who just got engaged this week... is this even real life? haha super hyped for you guys.  
and a shout out to all the homies, because you guys are awesome.
hermana terry

wellllp... had to say bye to my bff yesterday... but also get to spend this week with my other bff!! wahooo

Monday, January 5, 2015


Kylee's Address is still the same.

You can send her any regular mail or any package in a small padded envelope.  She would really love to get a package.  I didn't and haven't sent her anything because I didn't think she would get it.  She asked me at Christmas to send her a package.  =]  What a slacker mom.

ON her list of things she would like
chap sticks
any kind of spices or seasoning (in small envelopes)
protein bars

Or anything you want to send her is great.  Thanks to all of you who support her and send her letters.  She loves it.  She said getting mail is the best.  =]

Hermana Kylee Terry
Mision Argentina Neuquen
Zapala N 24 - Casilla De Correo 321
8300 Neuquen


Okay, this week was pretty tranquilo because of New Years. I feel like we have been doing a lot of walking, Zapala is a dead town lately. A lot of people are just out of town for the holidays or have visits, so it is hard to find our investigators with time to give us. Año Nuevo was great. We spent some time with a less active couple and the zone leaders. We ate good food and watched how to make a traditional argentine dish - pollo al disko. it was craazzyyy! 
this week, I have mostly felt really good about my studies that I am doing. I have been studying a lot about love, faith, repentence and obedience. I feel like these priciples are the most important, and often times, the hardest to accomplish and have. I love studying about obedience, and I am trying to work on my weaknesses as a missionary and a human in general when it comes to obedience. It has been really good, and I am learning a lot. something that I love is that when we are obedient, it isn't a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength because we are submitting our will to be more in line with Gods, and for that He will bless us. If you have a true to the faith somewhere laying around, definitely check out the part about obedience. And also, in the bible dictionary, read about faith, repentence and prayer! AHHH SO GOOD. can't even. 
Also, on Saturday, we had set some time aside to do contacting and receive references. We weren't having much luck, and it seemed like we had just been walking around for hours, clapping at empty houses... then, we decided to take a different route than we had planned to meet up with a member. We passed by a references house, and her gate was finally open! We ended up having a really great lesson, because Sylvana had a lot of questions about the plan of salvation and family history. It was definitely not a coincidence that we changed the route and passed by her house. She also wants us to help her son learn english, so we are really excited to start working with her family! I have definitely seen that if we continue with faith, even with little success, we will find a miracle everyday. 
Hermana Christensen and I are the best of friends, we have so much fun together and I am really thankful for the time I have had with her so far here in Zapala. I am excited to finish up this transfer strong and see what this new year has to offer!!
Make sure you guys set your goals for the new year. Goals are so cool. Give it a read in preach my gospel, chapter 8. goals reflect the desires of our hearts and our vision of what we can accomplish.. and the quote by elder ballard.. oooh so good. go reeaaaddd!! you guys have some assignments this week.. this year. we are doing a ward challenge to read the book of mormon and preach my gospel before the end of the year.. so get started!! it's all too good to be truueee. eeep i love the gospel (:

keep on keepin' on
hermana terry

the cutest. Alma & Katy. just being missionaries. Alma is going to get baptized on Feb. 14 (:
Alex, just cooking pollo al disko, just kicking it argentine (:

yes, vin diesel is argentine, didn't you know?? hahah this guy is cray. we have a great story about him. one time, alex came to see if he could fix our washing machine, meanwhile, we had a choir practice with the elders because we sang in church. He also sings, who who have thought that crazy alex has the voice of an angel. so, after, alex calls up his friend and little do you know, vin diesel shows up at our pension and totally throws our lavaropa on his back and hauls it out... it was like a movie.. just imagine it. hahah

fweakin' puuuupppyy!

feliz navidad y año nuevo!

This week was really tranquilo, but we still managed to work really hard and have a lot of success. There were a couple of highlights from the week! Obviously, one of them was Christmas. We had a really good time with a few families from our ward, passing time with them and enjoying the spirit of Christmas. A really great part was talking with YOU GUYS! That was a really fun time. 
We had a few really awesome lessons this week that strengthened my testimony of what we are doing here as missionaries. One of them was during an intercambio with Hermana Woodruff. We taught our investigators gustavo and Anahi. They didn't read the chapter we had left them before, so we decided to read it. 2 Nefi 31 about the gospel of christ and the most basic things. It was so great to read it out loud with them and help them understand more about the basics of baptism and how they have to keep working hard. One of the doubts of Anahi was that she didn't want to get baptized because she didn't want to fail God after making a promise with Him. We explained to her that it isn't necessary to be perfect before or after baptism, but to keep moving with her faith and always trying to do her best. She felt a lot better after we helped her understand more. And Gustavo is kind of stubborn, but he is great, and we know that he believes everything. He feels good at the church, he likes to study the scriptures and he likes to share his feelings, but he is a little bit prideful and doesn't want to admit that he might actually believe in the gospel. It is a bit funny, but we invited him to be baptized and helped him understand that without a goal, he might not progress. He said that he knows it's all true, and that he knows they need the gospel in their family to help them be better. WAHOO! It was such a great lesson and they are excited to be at church and learn more. 
The other lesson was with Laura and Guille. We have been studying a lot about love as a companionship, how to show it more and what it means to really love someone, especially God. So, we decided to share this principle with them, because it is simple and we can all relate to love. Well, little did we know (luckily, the spirit knows way better than we do) that this idea is exactly what we needed to crack Guille and help him really feel the spirit and get a lot of pride out of his heart. He cried and told us that he needed to start to use the atonement like he used to. Instead of fearing the love, he needed to be faithful and really love God like he used to. It was such a powerful lesson!

also, just this morning, Hna Christensen and I read a freaking cool talk called the Choice Generation by RAndall L. Ridd. search that stuff of and take the counsels!! it is so good and I thought of my dweeb little brothers, so make sure they get a good read on it. Do I hear a family  night coming up? yahhh! do it, do it! (:

get a goood read on that stuff. Wow. life is just moving right along! Thanks for everything you guys do. Some topics I have been reading up on are faith, repentence and love.. the bible dictionary is for real my best study homie right now, so there is my challenge this week. Read that stuff!! Also, do I hear new years resolutions happening?! Get that stuff done!! So hyped for 2015.. is that even a real thing? Dont party too hard. be safe, be happy. love you guys soooo so much<3

hi, i am super special (: don't mind my bald elf head..

 just your typical argentine Christmas. Get your asado on... and hi, did we really make homemade cheese cake? yesss. we did! it was sooo good (:

talked to kylee!!!

We had an opportunity to skype with Kylee on Christmas Day!  How fun that was.  I was pretty down through the day because I missed her but it was all good.  We had about 30 min of time where we tried to get a good connection with her.  She couldn't see or hear us, we couldn't hear her, and back and forth that went.  We finally got a decent connection where we could see and hear her but she couldn't see us very well.  So that was sad (for Kylee!) haha.

She is doing so well and very happy.  She is loving her mission and has a companion right now from Provo.  They are besties.  Kylee was able to talk to Michael in Spanish pretty fluently.  She understands it very well.  It was awesome to see and hear her speak the language.

We were grateful for the opportunity to sit and skype with Kylee.  No, I didn't cry when she called or during the call.  I thought I would.  I cried after!  =]  haha

I just wanted to share on her blog.  =]
Here Kylee is talking to Hailey on the phone.  We used a magnifying glass to help her See Fonda!  Not sure it helped.  haha

Family photo!

Ky and her companion.  Somehow I got a postage stamp on the phone that took a selfie of us while I took a pic of Kylee.  Weird.  =]