Monday, January 5, 2015


Kylee's Address is still the same.

You can send her any regular mail or any package in a small padded envelope.  She would really love to get a package.  I didn't and haven't sent her anything because I didn't think she would get it.  She asked me at Christmas to send her a package.  =]  What a slacker mom.

ON her list of things she would like
chap sticks
any kind of spices or seasoning (in small envelopes)
protein bars

Or anything you want to send her is great.  Thanks to all of you who support her and send her letters.  She loves it.  She said getting mail is the best.  =]

Hermana Kylee Terry
Mision Argentina Neuquen
Zapala N 24 - Casilla De Correo 321
8300 Neuquen

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