Wednesday, October 14, 2015

i don't like thinking of titles.

okay.. sorry kids, i don't really feel like writing today, and i don't have much time, but this week was super crazy, lets just put it that way. crazy like my face in the pictures below. but this week has been full of a lot of learning! i am loving every single day as a missionary. this week was slow, and we didn't have really pretty numbers, but the pretty part is that my spirit is content and desires to see more success. We have a few investigators that are progressing and doing well, its awesome. We went to Chos Malal this week to do some exchanges ( this week, i actually discovered that intercambios is not an english word. hahaha oops) with hermanas Vilca and Anampa, both from Peru. Its a small little town that has only had missionaries for a year. they rent a small place to have meetings and there are only like 15 members, its a dope little group. So it was way fun to go visit. the only wack part is travelling in the middle of the night... and the other wack part is when the assistants called at 730 PM to tell us that we had zone conference the next day with Presidente. haha so the 10  of us rolled up on the collectivo at midnight to travel back to zapala and get ready for the conference... it was crazy. we had a slumber part of sorts with 6 hermanas in our tiny pension. haah i was SUPER tired this week, needless to say. but something cool that has happened is that I have been working really hard on being exactly obedient... and ihaven't even felt really tired, sprititually that is. I have all the energy in the world to keep going hard. 
something cool that we are doing in the mission is sharing the first vision with members and then inviting them to invite a friend to a fhe to hear the first vision. so far, everyone has accepted to do it!! we have like 4 appointments this week with new investtigators. there is so much power in the restoration and first vision. it is incredible. i love the gospel. i am so happy here. i love my heavenly father for giving me this incredible opportunity to share the gospel and become more converted myself. if you guys could keep vanessa and juan, elena, belen, celso, adriana, and alexis in your prayers this week, that would mean a ton to us here! thanks so much (:
love you all tons, have a great week, keep restudying the conference talks.
 it snowed this week. A LOT. way crazy, i got soaked all the way to my skin.. it was miserable. haah luckily my compy let me borrow her coat (: you can see it on my face that i am not actually thaaat happy. hahaha

physically tired...

Well, this week has been very interesting. I have felt very tired physically. That's good, makes me happy because I know I'm working. But there were many things that prevented us from working as much as we wanted. On Tuesday, we had the zone training then we did intercambios, and this weekend, we had the general conference ... There is no excuse, but I feel that we do not work as we could have. :( boo.... Still, I feel that the Lord shows us miracles every day. I still feel great changes in my heart, personality and way of thinking.
We have 4 new investigators from the week, 11 new investigators since I got here to Zapala.. the only hard thing is getting back to teaching them. Buuttt... we contacted this really cute nice girl named Adriana.. she looks like she is 24, she is 37 and has an 18 year old son. crayyy cray! haah but its okay, we taught her and her son about the plan of salvation.. because I asked her if God and Jesus Christ were with us, what would she ask them, or like to know? and she told us that she wants to know with what purpose he created us.. what are we supposed to do here? And it was like, perfeeccttt! haha so we started to teach the plan of salvation. the 18 year old at first was like, okay this is kinda lame.. but as we started explaining what happens after death, he read alma 40:23 and didn't really understand. so we explained about the resurection and everything.. you guys, the light in his eyes, i can't even explain it. Its like there was a spark that clicked and it just made sense and he was like, wow that is so cool.I always thought that it ended with death, and then we would go to heaven or hell.. but this all makes so much more sense and its way better than just finishing. It was a really spiritual experience. We promised them that if they went to conference, they would receive even more testimonies of the plan... well, we were right, they talked about the plan of salvation a lot on saturday in the morning.. but. they didn't go :( boooo. 
I learned a lot in general conference this weekend .. I felt a strong desire to change my character. Some questions I asked were a little "Trunky" because I have fear of going home and  all the temptations will just be right in my face waiting for me to fall.. but I feel that the Lord will help me if I keep striving to do right. I am eager to return and continue to strengthen my testimony .. I want no part of the world... I want to be in it, but not part of it. I love so many things of the the world, but I am really thinking about my future and I want to make sure that I stay spiritually strong. I want to have the companionship of the Spirit forever, I don't want to be far again.. there's not greater joy I have ever felt than learning more about the gospel and feeling the spirit.. I love the changes I'm seeing.(:
Some of my favorite talks were by pres. uchtdorf in the womens session, elder ballard, sister marriott, eller lawrence, elder hales, elder oaks, presidente monson, al the testimonies of the new apostles (PS.. TOTALLY CALLED THAT ELDER STEVENSON WOULD BE AN APOSTLE. WAHOO. REVELATION. ;) ), elder nelson, elder christofferson, elder eyring, elder durrant, elder keetch, elder bednar, sister stephens... basically i loved the whole conference. if you didn't watch... you suck. haha just kidding, but you are definitely missing some serious modern revelation! get to it!! (: I feel so blessed to be part of this church and enjoy the blessings of the prophet, apostles and the priesthood.

love you guys so much!!
challenge this week: do what elder lawrence and elder durrant encouraged us to do (:

Hermana Terry

it snowed this week.. haha
also a tigghhhtt rainbow after conference. God is such a capo. (:


This week has been really lovely. We got to do lots of fun things and I am learning so much. I am loving being here in zapala because I am seeing a bunch of people that i LOVE and I am getting to know a new area so that is dope. I really am loving it. 
this week we had a fhe with our investigator gustavo, who is so freaking cool. he has been an investigator for 4 months, because he waiting for his divorce to get married and be baptized. it is kind of a crazy situation because he technically isn't breaking any commandments, but the leaders here adviced him to wait.. anyways he is suuuper smart and reads a ton of doctrine and scriptures and books of the church. He prepared the lesson about faith. It was just what I needed. It literally brought me to tears. He shared a mormon message about faith.. it is called simple and pure faith or something like that. it is a cutie asian girl telling her story about money and stuff. it is really nice, look it up. So we talked about the fiath and the requirements of faith.. we could literally do anything that is good if we had enough faith in God. I can't really explain it but I feel super grateful to my Heavenly Father for putting me here in Argentina and to know all these people who have shown me such great faith. It makes me feel like I am a woman of little faith, and I need to be more like some of the people here to be able to be humble, patient, faithful and loving.. basically to be more like Jesus. 
Also this week, we have a ton of new investigatores, two of them have a baptismal date.. dooope. We also went to Neuquén for Leadership Council, which is always a good time.. There are a lot of changes in the mission, which is good and bad. Good because it is going to help us be a mission of more faith and obedience.. bad because we still aren't a mature mission.. so we have had to take away a lot of priviledges to help us be more obedient... 
I was just reading in 1 Nephi 16-19  this morning and reading aout Nephi when his family was in the wilderness and when he broke his bow and arrow and everyone got so ticked, even his dad, who was super awesome, was murmering against God and he just kept going with his great faith. isn't that so sick? and his brothers tied him up in the boat and he was like, I wasn't mad because I trusted in God and I know that he does everything for a reason. I just want to be like Nephi. so faithful and loyal. CAPO. 
Anyways...thats all folks. love you,
portense bien, besos.
Hermana Terry 

Leadership council

we rescued this fweaking kitty from the street.. super cutie.

and feliz cumple to hermana rodriguez.. thanks for the decorations mom, they continue being helpful (:

guess who's back?

back again... hermana terry is baacckkk in zapala!! Transfers today, aaaand I am back in Zapala, different area and ward, but same little city. i am super excited. I am with Hermana Maldonado from La Plata, Buenos Aires. So excited to be with an argentina. 

Over all, this week was very niiice and Hermana Rementeria  and I worked hard. We did not meet all the goals, but I felt we worked hard and tried our best to do what we could. We continue with the struggle of having willing members and investigatorless houses.. I have a lot of faith that these people will progress, just need to be patient. I am very grateful for the time I had in Limay, I learned a lot and grew a lot. What made me feel good about what I did there was the sacrament meeting on Sunday. There were many people that I had worked with, many who were inactive and have becoma active again. My heart was filled with so much love. I will miss everyone there. I just love missionary work because I now have so many friends and people that I consider my family. I can't even begin to explain it, but you guys will see when you get here (: 
Not much to report,.. mostly because I can't remember what I did this week, it went by so fast. I am learning so much about the gospel and trying to do everything right. I feel like I am starting over with all of my energy and love for the work. 
I love the gospel so much. have a great week homies, keep it holy.

Hermana Terry

Yesterday, it rained A LOT. this pic doesn't show, but shortly after, we were soaked... but this is my little cutie head Hermana Rementeria. 
Marisol, Jose Luis, Amanda & Hno Castillo... he is the toughest investigator ever. He knows the church is true, but he is just too prideful to admit it because of bad experiences he's had in other churches. But I love them so much. We ate lunch here every Tuesday.. they are chileans.. and so funny and crazy (:

he, he, heyyyy!

well i am pretty much losing my mind that we are in the last week of the transfer!!! i seriously do not know where this last transfer went... VOLANDO. and to make it a little bit worse, hermana christensen and I are now separated for the last week because of some issues with other hermanas. I love being able to serve others and help, because I am learning a bunch about how to handle lots of different personalities, I am SO patient now ;) ahahah and it is awesome.. but i am suuper bummed that our transfer together got cut short. sooo..  there's that!
Besides that, we had a really solid week. We had a zone pday activity... which we just played basketball and soccer.. which i thought i was getting better.. but i pretty much suck. haha what do you do? but i will be able to trash wes in a good game of FUTBOL! haha so that'll be dooope! (buckle up wes (; )
Okay... I am going to confess that most of the time, I copy a huge section of my letter to president here in my email to you guys. and it was a lot easier when President Lovell was here, because I obviously wrote him in english... but with Presidente Casariego, I write it all in spanish... so here is an awesome translation from Google... because #notime. get ready to laugh because spanish to english translations are hilarious. hahaha:
This week was cute, I think a lot more work with members (I think we worked a lot more with the members). I like having big goals because I do want to work more. and this is good. Set a goal of 21 lessons with members present, and this was ok, but we do not succeed (We set a goal of 21 lessons with investigators with members present, it didn't go bad, but we didn't fulfill that goal) ... I decided it's not lack of members willing, is a lack of researchers (investigators. lol) in their houses ha ha. It has been a bit difficult to find our researchers this week. we have found many new (investigators), but we want them to progress!
We have accomplished many goals that week ... we had a family home evening with members to know them better, we have worked with many more members, we are preparing a young man for the mission, we have been more in touch with the leaders, and I felt very good my progress and testimony. 
those are just a few accomplishments from this week. I love missionary work! It is so fun (: We had a pretty busy week, which is way nice... this area is always offering us good challenges. I am hoping that we can kill it this last week of the transfer!

Hope all is well up there in the 801.. or where ever you are out there in the big bad world. Have a great week (:

Hermana Terry

transfer 11, week 4

so that is a very freaky countdown type of thing right thurr in the title.. ^ he he he... IM SCURRED. 

okay so you guys, this last week was crazayyy. lets see.. where do we start? at the beginning (:
on monday we had this cool lesson with our investigator Agostina, who is 9. she is so darling. and she went to church this week, holllaaaa! so she wants to get baptized, but she goes to her dads house every other weekend and that complicates things as far as church attendance goes, but we aren't worried about it. 
On Tuesday, while we were contacting in the morning, we talked to this athiest lady, and it was SO SAD. she was  explaining how she used to be way catholic and religious and then as time went on and she did research, she "discovered" that it was all a lie and when she decided to "let it all go" she felt free and without a religious weight and stuff... i laid down the law and testified to her that she is a daughter of God and that he was sad that she had let all of that go. I told her that he was waiting for her to find her faith again and to be actually happy. She told us that she hasnt been happy since and that she doesnt believe it is possible to be happy again. I walked away with a huge headache, it was super bummer. but i know she felt the spirit when we testified of Jesus Christ and the restoration. 
Then, we taught our great investigator family, Maira and Jesús. We kind of got to know her and talked about the atonement... she started to tell us that since we met her, she has been praying everyday, Jesús got a job, they were able to buy a car and she has felt a lot of peace and happiness . she said that she knows we are really special people.. theeeenn after the district meeting, we went back with the elders so that they could bless their house, request from Jesús. it was so awesooommeeee! they are going to progess a lot. jesús is like, not reeeaaally about it, but he will change (:
and here comes the good part, okay? hahahah.. so on Wednesday, we had a conference with Elder Teixeira, from the Seventy. We had a leaders meeting early, before everyone else, and according to our schedule, we were to be seated at 915. so we planned to leave at 845 to get there before 9. well... as we called the taxi, Elder Moser (asistente) calls and said that they were just waiting on us.. WHAT?? OF COURSE. so we got there late, and he had already started the meeting. SO embarrassing. Then, we went into the other meeting, it was SO great. seriously learned so much. Elder Teixeira is very personable and told lots of great stories and the spirit was so strong. Then after lunch, Hermana Teixeira spoke and she was pretty involved with all of us, calling on us, asking to share and totally dropping cane about our studies and obedience. Then we start talking about P day and all of the good activites that we could do to better know Neuquén. Well, because we went to museums and everything last week, i was like, yayyhhh i am goign to share.. here we go. This day, I woke up feelign suupper tired, so we woke up kinda late. like, stayed in our beds chatting and didn't do our excercises. Well, obedience is a huge deal, obviously. because if not, we can't really feel the spirit. So I am standing up in front of 140 missionaries, the assistants, and President and his wife, right?  and she starts asking me about the day starting from 630 AM... i wasnt going to lie and say that i followed all the rules exactly that  morning, so i told the truth.. and well, she dropped cane SO HARD on me. I can't really explain it, kind of one of those "had to be there moments"... My face went so red, but i just tried to stay humble and not worry about it. It was the most embarrassing and humiliating moment of my entire life. I fought back the tears very hard after the meeting. Everyone was staring at me and came up to talk to.. or those around me were talking ABOUT me.. it was a terrible moment in my life. Now that i think about it, I don't feel too bad, but that is because i have been repenting all week. and you can bet your bottom dollar that I have been out of my bed everday at 630 on point and doing excercises right after. haha I will never be in that situation again. (okay return or present missionaries, laugh it out. read it and weep.. this is a warning for allll who aren't being exactly obedient. haha)
So besides THAT.. the week has been pretty normal. Elder Teixeira put a goal that we have to teach 21 lessons every week to investigators with a member present. Mission Impossible? maybe, but we will make it work. we have faith! 
I love the mission because I am growing so much as a person. I truly have desires to do what is right. It makes me so happy. I love the gospel. I hope you all have a great spiritual moment this week  (:
Much love
Hermana Terry

you guys, i am a grandma! hahahah... this is my hija, hermana soto, and then hermana sabo, who hermana soto trained. so fun.
also, hermana christensen and hermana huisar are mother and hija... we trained at the same time, both of them are mexicans. so fuuuunnnnnn
and also... we went to the radio this week, hermano hugo made me a cake of thanks. haha he is so nice. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

fe para bautizar.

well, sadly enough, we didn't have any baptisms in our area this week. booo. but lots of other cool things happened.. les cuento(:

On Tuesday, we did some intercambios. I worked with Hermana Eppley and we just worked the whole live long day! we got 14 referrals. so that is success, i would say! haha when we want to focus on something, we do it riiiiight! I love learning from other missionaries because I learn a lot about how to have more charity and faith. It's fun times.
Then on Wednesday, we had interviews with Presidente Casariego... It was fun, super laid back and just like, so random. hah but igual, it was good to learn from him. He shared with me in Alma 8 how
Alma ( idk what it says in english) se esforzó en el espíritu, implorando a Dios en ferviente oración... and he told me that I need to keep moving forward with lots of faith, and not to be stressed about big goals, but just to continue working with all diligence and obedience. it was great. 
then on thursday we were A FUL! it was so fun. but the fun part was our SICK lesson with Cecilia about the Restoration. Literally one of the most powerful lessons I have had in a long time. and even better because during the first vision, there wasn't ONE dog, phone call, screaming child or anything crazy. the spirit was SO STRONG. she was like, wow, i have never heard about this before, i feel really peaceful. YES. wahoooo! you guys my heart almost exploded out of my chest it was so spiritual. then we played a soccer game with FIFTEEN teenagers that came to play, less actives and non members. it was dope. since we can play sports with members now, we are killin it. 

Then we had a super dope stake conference, that came from the area and the apostles. it was super powerful. they talked a lot about three things: keeping the sabbath day holy, youth going on missions and the importance of the family and temples. so basically you all understand what kinds of issues we are dealing with here in argentina. Elder Maynes said that in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, there are 33,000 men between 18-25 that are members and only 800 something are serving full time missions. WHAT. we have a lot of work to do here! it is awesome. 

Also, today, Hermana Christensen and I went to two museums today and learned some stuff about Neuquén.. it was pretty cool and boring at the same time. We enjoyed an alfajor and scones from a panadería and we are just really enjoying our time together. (:

Have a solid week, folks. love you guys tons. 

us eating, us with the youth/investigators after playing soccer, pudding with bananas and carmel sauce, maybe more food, we like to eat, selfie with something about the first panaderia. 

just a giant pava, played some tape game with myself, these cookies STILL exist now. and a selfie in some super old balance. 
so enjoy that. happy picture week (;

oh and hey, just to let you guys know, i will be on the radio again this week on Friday! at 6PM argentina time. so, check it or something like that. you guys can find it in my old emails. he heh (:

and cool guys.... elder teixiera is coming on wednesday! wahooo for general authorities