Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the life.

The work here is slow... WAAAH. 

okay that is all the complaining I will do (: So Hermana Farrow and I are just going hard. We got permission to ride bikes, so we are on the lookout for some bikes. holllaaaa! But this week we got to meet with two less active women who haven't really been receiving the missionaries and we shared with them some really cool lessons. Also, we shared a lesson with an investigator who's nephew is a member and works in the mtc. so she is really familiar with the church and we are hoping that now is her time to accept the gospel.  Her name is Marisa and she fed us cake and hot chocolate until we thought we were going to die.. so that was crazy. 
Also, Hermana Catalán (our landlord. weird word. and a member) is probably the funniest lady that has ever happened. She keeps inviting us to eat with her and we just just fideos! she also let us get on her roof to pick some grapefruits. so that was fun! she is 75 and seriously just goes hard. she goes to wood class and makes all sorts of stuff from wood, she goes to gym class and does yoga and pilates and swims and that jazz. she also goes with us to the lessons and she just drops cane . it is so rad. she is such a funny little lady. also something cool is that hermana farrow and I have been running in the mornings. so that is helping my argentine figure a little bit. lol... 
wanna know something crazy? a member who has some problems with the church is being kinda dramatic lately about some stuff and guess what? her two daughters (recent converts of just over a year and the other about 3 months ago) are going to a  CONVENT. TO BE NUNS. WTHack? that is so weird right? hahah so that happened this week. we are trying to talk with them and tell them its not a very good choice but we are sure they are going. 

so i am just here chillin.. working! Here are some good studies that I have been up to these days: 
Moroni 10 exhortations... check them out because well.. THE GOSPEL IS SO COOL. 

much love homies.
Hermana Terry

and we also made this freaking RICO food this week. rice, milanesa, spinach, tomato, egg and holandaise sauce. mmmm

we are just trying to be like hermana catalán in our stockings. 

NIPPUR. HOMIE. he has longer nails than i do. hehe

Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the friends that emailed me last week. you guys are such niceys. totally made my week. i will be better at responding.. haha thats probably why nobody writes me. ooops. sorry. love you guys


just on hermana cataláns roof picking pomelos... or grapefruits. yes, we have a grapefruit, lemon and orange tree on the property. SO RICO. 

the Distract 3..

back together..

all my zapalita elders. back together in neuqueennn! elders parkinson, gregory, rosas and thurmannn

also, hermana catalán HOSING DOWN OUR WINDOW. my desk was right there.. hahahahah my face says it all.

#tbt to last year when....‏

(I think I missed something here, everything is all messed up!  Plus I waited to long to post!)

Fathers Day.....

It was fathers day and I gave my farewell talk! Just want to send me dadddyyy a big SHOUT OUT for being such a swell dude. wow i miss you so much. i hope you have been working hard and having fun, because that is what you have taught me to do. LOVE YOU TOO MUCH. Hope you guys got my video? haha thanks to hermana Marisol for that, she is such a gem. 

so this week has been crazyyy! we closed down my pension and moved everything out... it was hard because in my old pension we have a narrow hall, a steep staircase and a bridge.. so it was really fun to move everything out ;) thanks to our investigator alberto ( who we were accidentally calling alfonzo and alfredo... oops.. lol) so that means we have been cleaning like crazy here in limay. which is fun. i have this crazy thing for cleaning these days. i always want everything to be super clean. i even cut my finger open this morning while we were deep cleaning the pensh. oops. haha

hermana farrow is such a freaking cutie. we are having so much fun here. so sad to have said bye to hermana miller, but she is safely back in canadaaaa... we ate some ice cream, contacted a fuuulll, ate lunch in a park, got our hairs trimmed, got some new (used) clothes from the office.... just a few of the things. (:

sorry i am the worst at emailing. i cant remember what we even did this week. i'll be better next week. 

love you guys keep it real.
Hermana Terry

read D&C 88. TOO TIGHT. 

HEY. also this week on Friday, we will be on the radioooo.. AGAIN! so if you have internet and want to see it, we will be on there from 6-8PM ARGENTINA TIME. the website is it is called el estandarte de libertad on fm 106.9 mhz. be there or be square.. it will be really spiritual for those of you that speak spaniishhhh (: 

one year older and wiser too...

happy one year mark... to me. haha wow is that so weird or what? I still feel new on the mission, but I am mostly just trying to enjoy every minute.. I have realized that I've lots some time, and I don't want that to happen in my next 6 months! also, at this point in my mission, I basically dont exist at home anymore.. haah because I only have a few more faithfuls that write every week.. my mother not being one of them (; but it's okay, I'll be home soon. no need to worry (;

this week has felt fast but slow at the same time. We were able to do intercambios with Confluencia and I was with Hermana Chumioque. Then we had entrevistas. We were also able to have a really great meeting with the bishopric to talk about the documents Los que no vinieron al redil and apresurar la obra. We had some really great lessons this week and a milagro!! 

First, Hermana Chumioque is a really sweet girl. I loved working with her. I could tell that she was a little bit shy in the beginning and afraid to do contacts or be bold in the lessons, but once we got to working, we were able to find a few really great contacts and potentials to be investigators. She is really smart, and has a strong testimony, she is also a really GREAT missionary, but she lacks a little bit of drive and boldness. Which is totally normal for her time in the mission. She said that she liked how we worked and felt like she was a real missionary. I was able to give her some advice about not losing any time or any moment to bear testimony of the truth. She seems to be doing really well and excited about missionary work.

So we talked with our bishop about the two programs happening in the area and he was able to give us some really good ideas and we had an AWESOME consejo de barrio with all the leaders. They were all giving ideas and are way more excited to work with all of us to achieve greatness in Limay. It was such a relief and I really feel like we will start to see lots of changes. 

Our milagro was so awesome!!! We couldn't decide what to fast for this week, so we kept walking and talked about some ideas, some things that our area really needs, and we decided to fast that a less active member that we have worked with would come to church and start to progress again.. because we weren't seeing much progress from anyone. Well, Sunday we went to peoples houses, called and showed up at church with nobody. We were kind of bummed... but we turned around and sitting in the last bench was a menos activo that hasn't come in a year and that we hadn't visited for about 3 weeks!! It brought tears to my eyes as he said that he woke up this morning, and didn't know what happened but had a desire to come to church. He went to all of the classes and participated and told us that he wanted to make it more of a habit to come. FASTING WORKS!! Wow, so amazing. (for Jess Hendry: JORGE GOYCEO....algo!!!! He sends his saludos (: )

I can't even handle how much I love the mission and working here and just feeling good almost all of the time. I just got transferred to my neighboring area. We closed our pension and I am now working with the cutiest Hermana Farrow from San Diego. We are gonna kill it here in Limay!! wahoooo (: 

Well, keep on keepin' on peeps. Love you guys, keep choosing the right (:
Hermana Terry

ALSO MILAGRO. I SAW ANAHI AND GUSTAVO in Centro this week!!! Best moment ever... if y'all dont remember, they are the couple that got married and baptized in Zapala. so great to see them. best tender mercy eveeerrrr (: 

also, sorry if these pictures don't work. I don't entender the technology. its hard.... :(


(I was unable to download Kylee's pictures for some reason but I think these may be some of them!  sorry if it isn't.)  She's so dope.....

Long week/ No pics =[

This week was so long, and I feel like we didn't do much, but looking back, we were super busy! We were able to do an intercambio, consejo, a capacitacion and the conferencia de estaca. I feel like I have really been edified this week and I have learned a bunch.

We ate good this week kids. NO MORE FIDEOS ! we totally ate some asado and empanadas and such good food that made me feel like I was at grammy and papas! How're they doing? Not helping with the chubby thing.. but hey, when in argentina... eat bread? hahah whatever. ya fue. 

Also, we had a tight stake conference and our bishop totally dropped cane about the sabbath day. it was SICK. i was like, YEAH OBISPO! KILLIN' IT. haha he was like, we should be converted to the Lord and the gospel, not the members and everything else... also, he was like, it doesn't matter if someone doens't greet you in the street, or if you don't like the bishops counsels or you felt incomfortable because you came in pants instead of a dress... we are here to worship God, not worry about everyone else. 
It was awesome. I was so hyped. I love when people call others to repentence!

Sadly enough, our once progressing investigators have stopped progressing. We are trying to find out how we can be more powerful teachers and share the gospel in a way that is clear and simple. I am learning a lot as I read my scriptures and study the doubts and questions of our investigators. This week I studied a lot about the plan of salvation and the reasons why we should be baptized. I want to start studying more about the priesthood because I know that a lot of people doubt Joseph Smith was a prophet and there was a restoration. I love the scriptures and finding all these hidden treasures. its so sick.

well, doing good here! thanks for all the support. love you guys

Hermana Terry

ps sorry for no pics.. the computer here is so freakin slow, its not worth the time to upload them

perdòn que estamos tarde...

most frequently used line in my vocabulary... so that hasn't changed much. my email was being whack this week, and just recently started working!

this week has been great. Here are some highlights: we did 2 tsunamis in Confluencia and Limay, we prepared the church and members for the capilla abierta, went to the radio to talk about the capilla abierta/the church, we did 2 intercambios with Heller and Limay, and we found 6 new investigators (a family and one other girl)...

so a tsunami is when all the missionaries in the zone go to one area to work and contact. they are typically really successful! So they are fun to do, also because we meet tons of new people and get to help all of the missionaries!

The capilla abierta was pretty successful, not as much as we were hoping, but we did see some great changes in people while they were learning about the gospel. A capilla abierta is like an open house of the church. we start in the sacrament hall with a huge jesus statue like in temple square. we explain a bit and then jesus talks. then we pass the the cultural hall and explain all of the lessons in about 10 minutes.. then they pass into the baptismal font and the elders are dressed in white, and explain about baptismal covenants and that jazz. then all of the members and organizations prepared some stuff to demonstrate what they do in their classes and stuff. It was super fun to prepare and have the help of the members. They were SO prepared and did lots of activities to show each one of their organizations. Super fun and cool. 

did anyone see the radio? it was tiiight (: so, bummer if you missed out (;

Intercambios are actually fun now. I remember hating them in the beginning, because they are so awkward... but they are way awesome because we are able to know the other hermanas and help them in their areas. so I went with hermana worth from new mexico, who has 4 months on the mission and she speaks so freaking well, it brought me to shame, thinking about my 4 month old self.. .he he. then i went with hermana huisar from mexico.. who has 5 months on the mission and is training, so also a capa. all this cuties are so smart and great missionaries. It is such a blessing to be able to work with them... (:

hey family... here is some follow up....
*how are your weekly family home evenings?
*daily personal and family scriptures study of the book of mormon?
if you're slacking, hop to it! there is ALWAYS time to do what is right (: 


Hermana Terry

qué locro...‏

thanks so much for all of the packages and letters that i continue receiving from my birthday, and othe rletters in general. you guys are so NICE. thanks mom, aunt amy, grandma, aunt sara... everyone who wrote me a letter. i just love you guys so much. thanksss!!! (:(:(: i love everything i got. and i can't belive how big and grown up everyone is getting. keep on doing good stuff (: also this week, hermana hugo made us a ginormous birthday lunch. super delicios milanesas and salad and this GIANT cake. literally giant. so freaking good. and of course his homemade ice cream. he also got us some cool dinosaur shirts that say neuquen. lol. 

so this week was really great. We had a fun time working with Hermana Farrow, waiting for her companion. She is so great and so excited to train. We were able to see a couple of great miracles with her. 
Some logros from this week: We have one fecha bautismal that is progressing - M'len! She is so awesome and super prepared. She has a few doubts about prophets and the modern day revelation stuff, but with studying and reading the book of mormon, she will be ready in no time. We are also helping her boyfriend, who is less active. we are hoping to help them get married so that they can start their family well. (: they both went to church on Sunday, that was a success!
We also did our goal this week of contacting antiguos investigadores and it turned out pretty well, we have a cita with an antigua and we got in with a less active, part member family! we are hoping to see lots of fruits from these 3 things from this week!
 I am loving being here with hermana miller, we work really well together and i am excited to be with her right now. She is from Canada and SUPER funny. she also goes home in 3 weeks, but hey, we are enjoying it while we can. 
We are also trying to focus on our recent converts, they need lots of help, but we are excited to keep them close and tight on the path. 
Last night, we also had a noche de hogar that was super successful with 2 investigators and 1 menos activo! with an active family. we are seeing lots of progress in this area. (:

today is 25 de mayo.. which is a national holiday here in the 'tina. locro is like a bean soup that is a traditional food they eat today. so that is why my title says que locro.. haha it also is close to loco, which means crazy. so, theres some good spanish humor for you day. 

<HEY. also this week on Friday, we will be on the radioooo! so if you have internet and want to see it, we will be on there from 6-8PM ARGENTINA TIME. the website is it is called el estandarte de libertad on fm 106.9 mhz. and we will be talking about something called an open church.. haha or like open house of the church. so keep your spanish ears open! (:

so much love. be good kids. 

Hermana Terry