Wednesday, July 1, 2015

perdòn que estamos tarde...

most frequently used line in my vocabulary... so that hasn't changed much. my email was being whack this week, and just recently started working!

this week has been great. Here are some highlights: we did 2 tsunamis in Confluencia and Limay, we prepared the church and members for the capilla abierta, went to the radio to talk about the capilla abierta/the church, we did 2 intercambios with Heller and Limay, and we found 6 new investigators (a family and one other girl)...

so a tsunami is when all the missionaries in the zone go to one area to work and contact. they are typically really successful! So they are fun to do, also because we meet tons of new people and get to help all of the missionaries!

The capilla abierta was pretty successful, not as much as we were hoping, but we did see some great changes in people while they were learning about the gospel. A capilla abierta is like an open house of the church. we start in the sacrament hall with a huge jesus statue like in temple square. we explain a bit and then jesus talks. then we pass the the cultural hall and explain all of the lessons in about 10 minutes.. then they pass into the baptismal font and the elders are dressed in white, and explain about baptismal covenants and that jazz. then all of the members and organizations prepared some stuff to demonstrate what they do in their classes and stuff. It was super fun to prepare and have the help of the members. They were SO prepared and did lots of activities to show each one of their organizations. Super fun and cool. 

did anyone see the radio? it was tiiight (: so, bummer if you missed out (;

Intercambios are actually fun now. I remember hating them in the beginning, because they are so awkward... but they are way awesome because we are able to know the other hermanas and help them in their areas. so I went with hermana worth from new mexico, who has 4 months on the mission and she speaks so freaking well, it brought me to shame, thinking about my 4 month old self.. .he he. then i went with hermana huisar from mexico.. who has 5 months on the mission and is training, so also a capa. all this cuties are so smart and great missionaries. It is such a blessing to be able to work with them... (:

hey family... here is some follow up....
*how are your weekly family home evenings?
*daily personal and family scriptures study of the book of mormon?
if you're slacking, hop to it! there is ALWAYS time to do what is right (: 


Hermana Terry

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