Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the life.

The work here is slow... WAAAH. 

okay that is all the complaining I will do (: So Hermana Farrow and I are just going hard. We got permission to ride bikes, so we are on the lookout for some bikes. holllaaaa! But this week we got to meet with two less active women who haven't really been receiving the missionaries and we shared with them some really cool lessons. Also, we shared a lesson with an investigator who's nephew is a member and works in the mtc. so she is really familiar with the church and we are hoping that now is her time to accept the gospel.  Her name is Marisa and she fed us cake and hot chocolate until we thought we were going to die.. so that was crazy. 
Also, Hermana Catalán (our landlord. weird word. and a member) is probably the funniest lady that has ever happened. She keeps inviting us to eat with her and we just just fideos! she also let us get on her roof to pick some grapefruits. so that was fun! she is 75 and seriously just goes hard. she goes to wood class and makes all sorts of stuff from wood, she goes to gym class and does yoga and pilates and swims and that jazz. she also goes with us to the lessons and she just drops cane . it is so rad. she is such a funny little lady. also something cool is that hermana farrow and I have been running in the mornings. so that is helping my argentine figure a little bit. lol... 
wanna know something crazy? a member who has some problems with the church is being kinda dramatic lately about some stuff and guess what? her two daughters (recent converts of just over a year and the other about 3 months ago) are going to a  CONVENT. TO BE NUNS. WTHack? that is so weird right? hahah so that happened this week. we are trying to talk with them and tell them its not a very good choice but we are sure they are going. 

so i am just here chillin.. working! Here are some good studies that I have been up to these days: 
Moroni 10 exhortations... check them out because well.. THE GOSPEL IS SO COOL. 

much love homies.
Hermana Terry

and we also made this freaking RICO food this week. rice, milanesa, spinach, tomato, egg and holandaise sauce. mmmm

we are just trying to be like hermana catalán in our stockings. 

NIPPUR. HOMIE. he has longer nails than i do. hehe

Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the friends that emailed me last week. you guys are such niceys. totally made my week. i will be better at responding.. haha thats probably why nobody writes me. ooops. sorry. love you guys

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