Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fathers Day.....

It was fathers day and I gave my farewell talk! Just want to send me dadddyyy a big SHOUT OUT for being such a swell dude. wow i miss you so much. i hope you have been working hard and having fun, because that is what you have taught me to do. LOVE YOU TOO MUCH. Hope you guys got my video? haha thanks to hermana Marisol for that, she is such a gem. 

so this week has been crazyyy! we closed down my pension and moved everything out... it was hard because in my old pension we have a narrow hall, a steep staircase and a bridge.. so it was really fun to move everything out ;) thanks to our investigator alberto ( who we were accidentally calling alfonzo and alfredo... oops.. lol) so that means we have been cleaning like crazy here in limay. which is fun. i have this crazy thing for cleaning these days. i always want everything to be super clean. i even cut my finger open this morning while we were deep cleaning the pensh. oops. haha

hermana farrow is such a freaking cutie. we are having so much fun here. so sad to have said bye to hermana miller, but she is safely back in canadaaaa... we ate some ice cream, contacted a fuuulll, ate lunch in a park, got our hairs trimmed, got some new (used) clothes from the office.... just a few of the things. (:

sorry i am the worst at emailing. i cant remember what we even did this week. i'll be better next week. 

love you guys keep it real.
Hermana Terry

read D&C 88. TOO TIGHT. 

HEY. also this week on Friday, we will be on the radioooo.. AGAIN! so if you have internet and want to see it, we will be on there from 6-8PM ARGENTINA TIME. the website is it is called el estandarte de libertad on fm 106.9 mhz. be there or be square.. it will be really spiritual for those of you that speak spaniishhhh (: 

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