Wednesday, December 24, 2014


This week was great, a little bit slow for some reason. Our biggest trial was that the members would say that they could leave with us, but then ended up having other things to do or forgot or didn't answer their phones. It was a little bit frustrating, but we still managed to visit a lot of people despite this trial. We have really been focusing on passing out the cards of él es la dádiva and recieve referrals. It has been a good solid work of week. We have found some new people and been able to meet with our investigators. The best part of this week was that Rocio and Sol, two of our investigators, accepted a baptismal date. They are scheduled to be baptized on the same day as their mom. It was really great. They are both young, but when we teach, they are attentive and receptive. It has been a really great experience teaching them and helping them grow closer to our Heavenly Father. We are going to continue working with them to progress to the 17th of January. We also had a ward activity, that Rocio and Sol came to. It was a great success!
We also talked to Anahi about having to get married before she could get baptized and she got a little bit freaked out, we think. We haven't been able to meet with her again to talk about it more,but it will all be okay! She said that she knows she needsto get baptized and that she thinks that marriage will bring a lot of blessings. so, that will be cool! i am hoping that her and gustavo are able to talk about it and feel good! keep them in your prayers for sure (:

Okay,a few things... has anyone heard anything about the 3 days of darkness that apparently is supposed to start the 27th of this month? Everyone here is like freaking out, stocking up on all the essentials (mate, flour, oil and dulce de leche, and so much carne.. no joke.) and just preparing themselves for this craziness.. we'll see. 
Also, everyone here uses an app called "whats up"... is that a thing in the US too? It is a crack up to hear everyone say "whats up?" ... (:

okay and of course the most important... we are going to skkyyppee this week! can that be real? how crazy. i just need to know asap when you guys are able to do it and if you even have a skype account? because I don't know. and I don't remember my account name or that could be an issue... haha if all else fails, i will just use hermana christensens... but yah. i am so hyped! let me know what uuupp!!

I hope you're all keeping it real in the good old UT, and wherever else you may be. love love love you guys (:


hermana terry

great week in zapala.....

what a great week we had in zapala! I love working here. the people are seriously so great. we had some really great experiences this week... first of all, we have some really great investigators named Anahi and Gustavo. They have the cutest, fattest baby who is so well behaved. We see them a couple of times per week and Anahi is normally there. She is so receptive and willing to learn more about the church. She has really great questions, and she isn't afraid to ask us something if she is confused. So, this week, we put a baptismal date for her and she said "yah, i would love to get baptized, i just want to learn more because I have never been baptized and I want to make sure it is something I am sure of." AH! She is so great. Then, we also visited her family and she was advising them to come to the chapel to see how it is and that she felt good when she went and she was helping us explain some of the principles that we had already taught her. Basically she is just really amazing! And her husband is also intersted, but works a lot so it is harded to find him. Then, la familia Fuentes. they are also super great, and the mom, Flavia, has a baptismal date now. She has 3 kids that are so attentive and smart. They love to listen and participate in the lessons. The cutest little boy Hernan even told his cousin to wait until we were done sharing so they could go play futbol. SEriously? that kid is going to be a great leader when he gets a bit older. So darling! 
I love sharing the card about el is la dadiva also. it is so easy to talk with people about Christmas and Christ and hear about peoples feelings and experiences. Then, we have an easy way to come back and talk to them about the gospel. We met a guy on the street this week who, when we asked what he thinks about when it is this time of the year, began to cry and explain how he has a lot of trials and that he is looking for something to help him find peace and happiness. We explained that we could help him through the message of the gospel and he was willing to let us pass by and share more! it was a real testimony builder that Heavenly FAther is always watching out for us, and putting us in the places that we need to be in in the perfect moment! Everything works out how it should.

also, yesterday, we totally got lost in a giant field full of scratchy bushes thinking that we were taking a short cut... ehh nope. we ended up ahving to walk further. nothing like wandering around the in argentine desert. hahaha always on adventures here, no worries peeps! 

love you all, can't wait to freakiing skyypppe next week! wahooooo (: get ready for some maddd spanish. <3

xoxo hermana terry

zapalaaa, che....

hola familia!
This week was greeaaattt! I already love Zapala and am getting to know the members and investigators. We have lots of work to do here, and we find new people everyday. It is such a blessing to find people who are interested and will let us in to share the message of the gospel with them. This week, we found 3 new investigators, and they are RE CAPOS. 

First, Dayana. She is young, has two kids and is really tranquila. She was an old investigator, but the other missionaries only taught her once and then couldn't find her again. We found her this week, and she said that she had read the plan of salvation pamphlet and really liked what she read about the afterlife and the three kingdoms of glory. We taught her the plan of salvation and we could literally feel the air in the room change. The light in her eyes was brighter when we told her that we could live with God and our families for eternity if we followed Gods plan. She told us " Before, i just knew that there was heaven and hell. But this plan is a lot more beautiful. I think this is really what God wants for us." She accepted a baptismal date for the 10th of January and she said that she would pray to know that the plan is really from God. She said the closing prayer, and it was truly one of the most spiritual experiences and most sincere prayers I have ever heard. It was so pure and real. I am all about it!! 
Also, we found Anahi and Gustavo. They are the brother and sister in law of one of our investigators, but this week, they actually sat down to listen and participate in the lesson. They ended up sharing an experience that they had with pastors in another church who were using the tithing for personal uses and they were really disappointed and felt like they had been betrayed. We shared that if they came to the church and continued to listen to the lessons, they would feel something different and feel Gods love. They came to church and loved it. Miracles happen everyday! It is so great. 
Also this week, two people told me after speaking with hna Christensen and I, that my accent is super clear like an argentine and wanted to know why my comp had more of a gringo accent. I am definitely not nearly as smart in spanish as my comp, but it definitely made me feel good that my accent is gettin' there! So that was a self esteem booster this week. (:
Everything here is great. Hna. Christensen and I are like best friends already. It´s like we have been friends since before the mission. WE are having such a great time. We always say the same things at the same times, or we wear similar clothes (we have like 4 outfits that are either identical or super matchy, it is so funny.) She will only be here for this transfer, but we are already killing it! I love the mission.
Right now I am reading Preach My Gospel and we are always sharing it during lunch with the members. IT IS AMAZING. The best, everyone needs to start reading it. It{s not just for missionaries. It is for all members. Wanna know why? because President McKay said "Every member a missionary!"... so, you know what you have to do. (; 

hyped for christmas? me toooo! eeeep. see ya'll in a few weeeks (:(:(:(:
thanks for everything. love you all so much. be safe and healthy and follow jesus.

hermanita terry

We took a walk through the cemetary this week.. crosses everywhere. it was a cool view.

the sunset. HIIIII. i love the sun (:

we are hooommmiiieeesss (:

twinners. we are literally always rollin' around in the same get up. what can we say? it's always a good time.

all the homies from the mtc in the same zone! elders mccutcheon and gregory and my main girl hna. C
my district now! jubitz, ruiz, hansen, woodruff, yo y hna christensen! the cutest.. (:

Él es la Dádiva (he is the gift)

coolest thing ever that we are doing worldwide as missionaries! check out the video on youtube or that will probably be in spanish.. so good luck. haha but, i am hyped to invite the true s pirit of christmas to the homes of many this holidayseason. stay safe and keep following jesus (: 


Alriiiight, sorry i am a day late, (mom, i am sure you were freaking out, but i was praying that you´d be alright (; ) but I got transferred! It wass realllyyyy tough to leave Bariloche, but I am super excited to be in my new area in Zapala! 
Thanksgiving doesn´t exist here, so it was just a normal day in the work! But, that´s okay because life goes on (: I made sure to say my prayer of thanks and express my feelings of gratitude to all the homies. Thanks to you guys, as well! For all the support and good attitudes. The mission is truly the best, and life changing, so thanks for supporting me in this adventure! (:

My last week in Bariloche was tranquiloooo! Nothing too crazy, nothing too exciting... but a good week for sure!! We basically spent Sunday passing by all my favorites and saying bye. it was the wooorrsstt. But, no worries, because i will see them again! The best part about Sunday was with Alan and Sabrina. They told me that we have a temple date in December 2015 when they will be sealed as an eternal family... whaaa. the best promise ever! soo, family, that means that you muuuust come and share christmas with me here in Argentina 2015!! It is a must. You´ll love it (: 

Right now i am in zapala with hna Christensen from provo (not the same comp ffrom the mtc) she is super great! I am excited to start working here and get to know everyone in avellaneda (: the other thing is that it is hot here! and it was not hot in bariloche.. so i am adjusting to that as well! Also, what the heck! We are already in december.. can´t believe it. I only have one more year in the mission!!! ahhhh.. time is whack!

I hope you all are safe and healthy. Love you tons and I am always praying for you (: 

Hermana Terry

Una asadito with Santino and the elders!
Familia Cañumil... and Belen... the beessstttt <3<3

Familia Troncoso!
alan and sabri
isis and maritza

P Day festivities!
Colonia Suiza

the days go on.....

I can´t believe how fast the time is going!! What a week!! We accomplished the standard again! It was a lot of work, but we definitely used our time better and were able to accomplish it without much worry or stress. Wahoooo for baptisms and lots of missionary work!
I have learned this week that 1) the more creative we are in contacting and teaching, the better, because it catches peoples attention and 2) without the help and support of members, we literally have nothing to do ! Okay, not nothing, but our job would be a lot harder to do without the help of members leaving with us, giving us referrals and everything else that they do. It´s a blessing to have a lot of member support here in alto 1. I hope that all of you take the opportunity to help the missionaries teach, or feed them lunch or give them your most prized referrals (only if they are hard workers, otherwise, don´t do it!) because we truly can´t do much without the help of members. Missionary work is nearly nothing without members.
We had the baptism of Joana on Saturday and it was great! She was truly an investigator of gold and she will be a great leader in this ward. She shared her testimony and seriously, you'd think she's been a member her whole life. She is so awesome and was truly prepared. I can´t even explain how honored I feel that Heavenly Father put me here to help these people, like Joana, find the gospel. I am amazed everyday at the changes in people because of the gospel.
 we had a fireside with the president of the temple  in Buenos Aires, and it was super amazing! I love to see how truly inspired the leaders of the church are. We learned a lot about how to cherish our time at the temple and how to really appreciate the revelation we receive while inside. I miss the temple a ton, so I hope you are all going constantly! at least once per week, there is honestly no excuse to not go!!! That is the challenge this week: go to the temple at least once, and make it a goal in december and this new year to go once per week. 
Let's see... life is good, we are so blessed and watched out for as missionaries. I am grateful for every moment that I have to share the gospel! 
Thank you so much for all of your support and love and prayers and emails. Keep following Jesus!
"Inasmuch as ye keep the commandments, you will prosper in the land"

Hermanita Terrrryyyyy <3

I promise I am not huge... everyone here is just tiny... hahah but i do look like a giant in these pictures.
Our sweet Joana!! Love her to death <3

Slowly but surely ...

This week was a bit crazy, and unfortunately we couldn´t work as much as we had hoped, but we are ready to keep working and continue with our investigators this week! 
This week we did intercambios, and I worked With Hermana Duarte, who is from Buenos Aires and is heading home this next week. It was really fun, and we had a successful day. She is hilariousssss.... she was talking about how she is going to harass the missionaries that eat lunch at her house about all the rules because now she knows them all by heart. It was a funny funny day we had together. I love learning from the natives and learning how to be a better teacher. 
Also, we had a zone conference this week that was based on the conference talk by Elder Packer called The Reason for our Hope. I learned about how to better use the Atonement in my life, and how I can help the members continue working in the work of salvation! It was really spiritual and I learned so much. I forgot my journal or I would say more... haha oops!
We have Joana, our investigator of gold, who will be baptized this week, and she is doing AMAZING! We are so excited for her, and I feel really fortunate to be here to help her along in the way of the Lord. Please keep her in your prayers this week, because she is definitely feeling the power of the adversary these days. BUT, nonetheless is still super excited for her baptism and can´t wait to keep progressing. Future leader for suuurrree!!! Our other investigators, unfortunately, are not really progressing. The rest are kind of here and there with progression, but this week, we are really going to focus on helping them feel the spirit and accept a baptismal date.
 Also, this weekend  our whole zone got sick. I was in bed for most of Friday night and then most of Saturday. I am pretty sure the cause was food poisoning. It was terrible, but I am feeling much better today! Nothing worse than throwing up... haha but no worries! We are feeling much better (:
Also, last night we had an activity for all return missionaries in the stake. It was great. Not everyone came, but those that did, shared their experiences about the mission and all the things they learned. It was crazy to see how different everyone is, and where they are at now in their testimonies, all because of their missions. ALL YOUTH SHOULD SERVE MISSIONS!! It is so important, there is not another place or experience in the world that is like the mission. It is truly the university of life. 
This week we will be working hard, but I will also be a little bit bummed because one of my favorite holidays will be this week.. so, in honor of this holiday, I want to tell you all what I am thankful for (:
-The Atonement of Jesus Christ, without it, we are literally nothing. We wouldn´t be here. I am eternally grateful and indebted to my Savior Jesus Christ, and my father in heaven for allowing his only son to come to the earth and suffer and die for us. It is a gratifying feeling.
-Covenants. baptismal or temple, I am grateful because i can feel closer to my heavenly father and always have a way to make myself better, to eventually become like Them!
-the plan of salvation! Because of covenants and the plan of salvation, I know that I can live with my beloved family for eternity. Wow, this is the best promise ever. I have learned how much I truly appreciate you guys and all that you do for me in this time away.  I miss you all a ton, but i know that this is the best place for me right now.
-and muuuch more, but mostly for all the support i have received in my time here on the mission. thanks for the emails, the letters, the photos, the updates. I love hearing from you all and knowing that all is well (: Keep it up! It is definitely motivating for me to hear from you guys!!

Challenge of the week: Express your gratitude for what you have everyday!! We should do this all the time, but this week especially (:

much love and make sure to eat some good grub for me!! especially the pies and moms famous orange-cranberry sauce!! 
Hermana Terry

Hermana Duarte!
Pday fun! haha Elder VAnDerkwerken is a goof.. such a great missionary! Cerro Catedral. It is a ski resort in Bariloche. For real, I am pretty sure that I was in Park City! or Snow bird... super crazy feeling.. haha
Hermana Llerenaaaaaa

the hermanas of bariloche and hermana lovell!!
llerena, phipps, duarte, me, lucic and valderas!

The best district. haha we are so much fun. Hnas: Llerena, Duarte, Phipps, meeee
Elderes Fisher, Van, Parke, and Gregory
Centro Civico! the wind was perfect with the flag.. and hermana llerena just could quite jump. haha she doesn´t have much strength.. pobrecita (;