Wednesday, December 24, 2014


This week was great, a little bit slow for some reason. Our biggest trial was that the members would say that they could leave with us, but then ended up having other things to do or forgot or didn't answer their phones. It was a little bit frustrating, but we still managed to visit a lot of people despite this trial. We have really been focusing on passing out the cards of él es la dádiva and recieve referrals. It has been a good solid work of week. We have found some new people and been able to meet with our investigators. The best part of this week was that Rocio and Sol, two of our investigators, accepted a baptismal date. They are scheduled to be baptized on the same day as their mom. It was really great. They are both young, but when we teach, they are attentive and receptive. It has been a really great experience teaching them and helping them grow closer to our Heavenly Father. We are going to continue working with them to progress to the 17th of January. We also had a ward activity, that Rocio and Sol came to. It was a great success!
We also talked to Anahi about having to get married before she could get baptized and she got a little bit freaked out, we think. We haven't been able to meet with her again to talk about it more,but it will all be okay! She said that she knows she needsto get baptized and that she thinks that marriage will bring a lot of blessings. so, that will be cool! i am hoping that her and gustavo are able to talk about it and feel good! keep them in your prayers for sure (:

Okay,a few things... has anyone heard anything about the 3 days of darkness that apparently is supposed to start the 27th of this month? Everyone here is like freaking out, stocking up on all the essentials (mate, flour, oil and dulce de leche, and so much carne.. no joke.) and just preparing themselves for this craziness.. we'll see. 
Also, everyone here uses an app called "whats up"... is that a thing in the US too? It is a crack up to hear everyone say "whats up?" ... (:

okay and of course the most important... we are going to skkyyppee this week! can that be real? how crazy. i just need to know asap when you guys are able to do it and if you even have a skype account? because I don't know. and I don't remember my account name or that could be an issue... haha if all else fails, i will just use hermana christensens... but yah. i am so hyped! let me know what uuupp!!

I hope you're all keeping it real in the good old UT, and wherever else you may be. love love love you guys (:


hermana terry

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