Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Slowly but surely ...

This week was a bit crazy, and unfortunately we couldn´t work as much as we had hoped, but we are ready to keep working and continue with our investigators this week! 
This week we did intercambios, and I worked With Hermana Duarte, who is from Buenos Aires and is heading home this next week. It was really fun, and we had a successful day. She is hilariousssss.... she was talking about how she is going to harass the missionaries that eat lunch at her house about all the rules because now she knows them all by heart. It was a funny funny day we had together. I love learning from the natives and learning how to be a better teacher. 
Also, we had a zone conference this week that was based on the conference talk by Elder Packer called The Reason for our Hope. I learned about how to better use the Atonement in my life, and how I can help the members continue working in the work of salvation! It was really spiritual and I learned so much. I forgot my journal or I would say more... haha oops!
We have Joana, our investigator of gold, who will be baptized this week, and she is doing AMAZING! We are so excited for her, and I feel really fortunate to be here to help her along in the way of the Lord. Please keep her in your prayers this week, because she is definitely feeling the power of the adversary these days. BUT, nonetheless is still super excited for her baptism and can´t wait to keep progressing. Future leader for suuurrree!!! Our other investigators, unfortunately, are not really progressing. The rest are kind of here and there with progression, but this week, we are really going to focus on helping them feel the spirit and accept a baptismal date.
 Also, this weekend  our whole zone got sick. I was in bed for most of Friday night and then most of Saturday. I am pretty sure the cause was food poisoning. It was terrible, but I am feeling much better today! Nothing worse than throwing up... haha but no worries! We are feeling much better (:
Also, last night we had an activity for all return missionaries in the stake. It was great. Not everyone came, but those that did, shared their experiences about the mission and all the things they learned. It was crazy to see how different everyone is, and where they are at now in their testimonies, all because of their missions. ALL YOUTH SHOULD SERVE MISSIONS!! It is so important, there is not another place or experience in the world that is like the mission. It is truly the university of life. 
This week we will be working hard, but I will also be a little bit bummed because one of my favorite holidays will be this week.. so, in honor of this holiday, I want to tell you all what I am thankful for (:
-The Atonement of Jesus Christ, without it, we are literally nothing. We wouldn´t be here. I am eternally grateful and indebted to my Savior Jesus Christ, and my father in heaven for allowing his only son to come to the earth and suffer and die for us. It is a gratifying feeling.
-Covenants. baptismal or temple, I am grateful because i can feel closer to my heavenly father and always have a way to make myself better, to eventually become like Them!
-the plan of salvation! Because of covenants and the plan of salvation, I know that I can live with my beloved family for eternity. Wow, this is the best promise ever. I have learned how much I truly appreciate you guys and all that you do for me in this time away.  I miss you all a ton, but i know that this is the best place for me right now.
-and muuuch more, but mostly for all the support i have received in my time here on the mission. thanks for the emails, the letters, the photos, the updates. I love hearing from you all and knowing that all is well (: Keep it up! It is definitely motivating for me to hear from you guys!!

Challenge of the week: Express your gratitude for what you have everyday!! We should do this all the time, but this week especially (:

much love and make sure to eat some good grub for me!! especially the pies and moms famous orange-cranberry sauce!! 
Hermana Terry

Hermana Duarte!
Pday fun! haha Elder VAnDerkwerken is a goof.. such a great missionary! Cerro Catedral. It is a ski resort in Bariloche. For real, I am pretty sure that I was in Park City! or Snow bird... super crazy feeling.. haha
Hermana Llerenaaaaaa

the hermanas of bariloche and hermana lovell!!
llerena, phipps, duarte, me, lucic and valderas!

The best district. haha we are so much fun. Hnas: Llerena, Duarte, Phipps, meeee
Elderes Fisher, Van, Parke, and Gregory
Centro Civico! the wind was perfect with the flag.. and hermana llerena just could quite jump. haha she doesn´t have much strength.. pobrecita (; 

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