Wednesday, December 24, 2014

great week in zapala.....

what a great week we had in zapala! I love working here. the people are seriously so great. we had some really great experiences this week... first of all, we have some really great investigators named Anahi and Gustavo. They have the cutest, fattest baby who is so well behaved. We see them a couple of times per week and Anahi is normally there. She is so receptive and willing to learn more about the church. She has really great questions, and she isn't afraid to ask us something if she is confused. So, this week, we put a baptismal date for her and she said "yah, i would love to get baptized, i just want to learn more because I have never been baptized and I want to make sure it is something I am sure of." AH! She is so great. Then, we also visited her family and she was advising them to come to the chapel to see how it is and that she felt good when she went and she was helping us explain some of the principles that we had already taught her. Basically she is just really amazing! And her husband is also intersted, but works a lot so it is harded to find him. Then, la familia Fuentes. they are also super great, and the mom, Flavia, has a baptismal date now. She has 3 kids that are so attentive and smart. They love to listen and participate in the lessons. The cutest little boy Hernan even told his cousin to wait until we were done sharing so they could go play futbol. SEriously? that kid is going to be a great leader when he gets a bit older. So darling! 
I love sharing the card about el is la dadiva also. it is so easy to talk with people about Christmas and Christ and hear about peoples feelings and experiences. Then, we have an easy way to come back and talk to them about the gospel. We met a guy on the street this week who, when we asked what he thinks about when it is this time of the year, began to cry and explain how he has a lot of trials and that he is looking for something to help him find peace and happiness. We explained that we could help him through the message of the gospel and he was willing to let us pass by and share more! it was a real testimony builder that Heavenly FAther is always watching out for us, and putting us in the places that we need to be in in the perfect moment! Everything works out how it should.

also, yesterday, we totally got lost in a giant field full of scratchy bushes thinking that we were taking a short cut... ehh nope. we ended up ahving to walk further. nothing like wandering around the in argentine desert. hahaha always on adventures here, no worries peeps! 

love you all, can't wait to freakiing skyypppe next week! wahooooo (: get ready for some maddd spanish. <3

xoxo hermana terry

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