Wednesday, December 24, 2014

zapalaaa, che....

hola familia!
This week was greeaaattt! I already love Zapala and am getting to know the members and investigators. We have lots of work to do here, and we find new people everyday. It is such a blessing to find people who are interested and will let us in to share the message of the gospel with them. This week, we found 3 new investigators, and they are RE CAPOS. 

First, Dayana. She is young, has two kids and is really tranquila. She was an old investigator, but the other missionaries only taught her once and then couldn't find her again. We found her this week, and she said that she had read the plan of salvation pamphlet and really liked what she read about the afterlife and the three kingdoms of glory. We taught her the plan of salvation and we could literally feel the air in the room change. The light in her eyes was brighter when we told her that we could live with God and our families for eternity if we followed Gods plan. She told us " Before, i just knew that there was heaven and hell. But this plan is a lot more beautiful. I think this is really what God wants for us." She accepted a baptismal date for the 10th of January and she said that she would pray to know that the plan is really from God. She said the closing prayer, and it was truly one of the most spiritual experiences and most sincere prayers I have ever heard. It was so pure and real. I am all about it!! 
Also, we found Anahi and Gustavo. They are the brother and sister in law of one of our investigators, but this week, they actually sat down to listen and participate in the lesson. They ended up sharing an experience that they had with pastors in another church who were using the tithing for personal uses and they were really disappointed and felt like they had been betrayed. We shared that if they came to the church and continued to listen to the lessons, they would feel something different and feel Gods love. They came to church and loved it. Miracles happen everyday! It is so great. 
Also this week, two people told me after speaking with hna Christensen and I, that my accent is super clear like an argentine and wanted to know why my comp had more of a gringo accent. I am definitely not nearly as smart in spanish as my comp, but it definitely made me feel good that my accent is gettin' there! So that was a self esteem booster this week. (:
Everything here is great. Hna. Christensen and I are like best friends already. It´s like we have been friends since before the mission. WE are having such a great time. We always say the same things at the same times, or we wear similar clothes (we have like 4 outfits that are either identical or super matchy, it is so funny.) She will only be here for this transfer, but we are already killing it! I love the mission.
Right now I am reading Preach My Gospel and we are always sharing it during lunch with the members. IT IS AMAZING. The best, everyone needs to start reading it. It{s not just for missionaries. It is for all members. Wanna know why? because President McKay said "Every member a missionary!"... so, you know what you have to do. (; 

hyped for christmas? me toooo! eeeep. see ya'll in a few weeeks (:(:(:(:
thanks for everything. love you all so much. be safe and healthy and follow jesus.

hermanita terry

We took a walk through the cemetary this week.. crosses everywhere. it was a cool view.

the sunset. HIIIII. i love the sun (:

we are hooommmiiieeesss (:

twinners. we are literally always rollin' around in the same get up. what can we say? it's always a good time.

all the homies from the mtc in the same zone! elders mccutcheon and gregory and my main girl hna. C
my district now! jubitz, ruiz, hansen, woodruff, yo y hna christensen! the cutest.. (:

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