Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Alriiiight, sorry i am a day late, (mom, i am sure you were freaking out, but i was praying that you´d be alright (; ) but I got transferred! It wass realllyyyy tough to leave Bariloche, but I am super excited to be in my new area in Zapala! 
Thanksgiving doesn´t exist here, so it was just a normal day in the work! But, that´s okay because life goes on (: I made sure to say my prayer of thanks and express my feelings of gratitude to all the homies. Thanks to you guys, as well! For all the support and good attitudes. The mission is truly the best, and life changing, so thanks for supporting me in this adventure! (:

My last week in Bariloche was tranquiloooo! Nothing too crazy, nothing too exciting... but a good week for sure!! We basically spent Sunday passing by all my favorites and saying bye. it was the wooorrsstt. But, no worries, because i will see them again! The best part about Sunday was with Alan and Sabrina. They told me that we have a temple date in December 2015 when they will be sealed as an eternal family... whaaa. the best promise ever! soo, family, that means that you muuuust come and share christmas with me here in Argentina 2015!! It is a must. You´ll love it (: 

Right now i am in zapala with hna Christensen from provo (not the same comp ffrom the mtc) she is super great! I am excited to start working here and get to know everyone in avellaneda (: the other thing is that it is hot here! and it was not hot in bariloche.. so i am adjusting to that as well! Also, what the heck! We are already in december.. can´t believe it. I only have one more year in the mission!!! ahhhh.. time is whack!

I hope you all are safe and healthy. Love you tons and I am always praying for you (: 

Hermana Terry

Una asadito with Santino and the elders!
Familia Cañumil... and Belen... the beessstttt <3<3

Familia Troncoso!
alan and sabri
isis and maritza

P Day festivities!
Colonia Suiza

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