Wednesday, April 22, 2015

a better week!

Well, this week has definitely been better than the first week here! Regardless of the rain, and that I had to pull my dusty tights out of my suitcase, and the fact that I have realized I have so much more responsiblity as a sister leader than a normal missionary.. it has been full of miralces!! We had to start doing divisions with the hermanas in centro, because of some small issues with a new missionary. It was a blessing in disguise for both companionships because I had a moment of serious repentence for not being happy with my area, with my companion and everything else. I felt like Hermana Narvaez treated me like a baby, like she didn't need my help with contacting or lessons, or pretty much to do anything. I felt totally useless and it was like a flashback to my first week when I didn't know anything. then, we had the zone conference, talked a lot about faith and how this is the LORDS WORK, not ours... I went away for a day and realized that I was in the wrong. super wrong. I had a moment of weakness with my faith and trusting in my heavenly father. I had been praying for several days to find the answer and now I really understand that without love, faith and patience, the work can't move forward and I was holding not only hermana narvaez, but our whole area back from progressing for being selfish. I talked with hermana narvaez about how i felt and apologized for my bad behavior. 
needless to say, we are on a miracle seeing roll and I am so excited to be here. I am excited to keep working hard and progressing. I have learned a lot in these few days and I am feeling really good. Keep up the faith!
Also, something that I have learned is that baptism is the key to success! talking about and inviting people to be baptized is how we change peoples hearts. I have tried to talk to every person about baptism and it has been super successful. we have 8 fechas and i am hoping to see all of them at church this sunday!!
Pray for Fransisco!! cutest grandpa everrrrr!!! hes going to be baptized on the 16th of may (:

Also, this is my compii.. sorry for the state of this photo.. we were sharing some columbian dulce and it was super riiccooo!! holla. (:

Hermana Terry

(I had to take a picture of the computer screen because I couldn't get this photo to download.  Good thing for technology in this case!)


the truth is, there isn't much to report from this week.. i am still trying to get used to the city and my new area, which is tiny. haha we just contact all the live long day. seriously, i think i have been in about 5 houses this week... can you say tired? but hey, that's part of the fun! we have a baptismal date this weekend for a teenager named michael... he reminds me soooo freakily much of my cousin jacob. like, if jake was argentina, he would be michael. haha so funny. but the truth is that he needs LOTS of help, so keep him in your prayers.. all of them. his family is sealed in the temple, but super inactive and kind of anti-church now. soo that is a bummer. all of our other investigators, i still don't know... so that is awkward. I feel super weird here, but i am getting used to it! We have met some really cool people with great potential, but the hard part is finding them again. The work is harder here in the city... but i ain't scurred!! (: 

thanks for all the emails and love. you guys are the best. hope you had a super awesome holy week, remembering jesus and all. give conference a review because it was SIIICK. too cool for school. 

love you tons
hermana terry!


I was on instagram checking out some food photos when I ran into these cool pics!  What a blessing it was to see them.  I have been thinking about Kylee a lot and missing her and I was blessed to find these and see her when I needed too.  Thought I would share them since she didn't have any photos to send.  =]

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

i am actually in neuquen...

wow, this week feels like a super blur, it went by so fast. I love Zapala, I love the members and everyone that I met there. I am super grateful for all of the miracles that the Lord made happen and that I could take part in the lives of such marvelous children of God. This week we had transfers, and I am officially here in the city of Neuquen. I am so overwhelmed by all the movement, people, music, stores, smells, cars... whoa. I went from suuupper tranquilo to freakin' CENTRO of Neuquen. hollaaa. my new compy is hermana Narvaez from Columbia and she is just super tiiiny! but super nice and cute, and I am hyped to be here! (:

This week we did intercambios with Hermana Calderwood, I went to Ruca and it was super fun. I got a huge spiritual slap to the face because we did lots of contacting in the morning and we literally talked to like 10 people that accepted a card and a return appointment... Right now the mission is focusing on contacting in the mornings to find prepared children, ready to receive the gospel. I have kind of slacked on it lately.. but don't worryyy! I love how Heavenly Father works with us and shows us humbly and patiently that we can always work harder. It was a super fun time to work with Hermana Calderwood and I learned a lot from her experience. 

Basically this whole week, Hermana Soto and I shared about the prophets and how we need to listen to their counsels. We helped lots of people write down their questions and doubts, in order to really pay attention to the conference. It was a really great week and I felt super energized and happy to prepare spiritually to listen to all the inspired words of the general conference. It seriously blew my mind. SO powerful, spiritual, and simple. I say that every new conference is my favorite, because it gives me so much spiritual energy for the months that will come. Wow, I can't even begin to express my love for the prophet, apostles and other leaders. I am so hyped on the priesthood and to know that God truly knows us and loves us. I can honestly say that every question I wrote down, had an answer. and I am such a silly kid, I have so much to learn. I was looking for deep, profound answers, but when I listened to the conference, I was again reminded that the gospel is SIMPLE. It is super easy, if we make it that way. I loved hearing about faith, prayer, the family and going to the temple. I loved listening about repentence and the atonement.. i don't have my journal. (probably better because this email would be like 10 pages long.. haha. needless the say, CONFERENCE IS SO SIIIIICK!!!)  

I could say a million things about this week, like how Meli just up and started going to seminary, hosted a family night at her house with her friends and just gave a mind blowing spiritual thought about martin harris and the 116 lost pages... are you kidding me meli? you can bet your bottom dollar I bawled my eyes out to say bye to that kid. love her forever. so solid.  ...but mostly I just want to report that I am happy, healthy, and super surprised that I was called to be a Sister training leader here in Neuquen.. I am super humbled and grateful to be working with the hermana Narvaez because i know she is going to help me SO much to be a better missionary, and disciple of Christ. I am so excited to serve here in Neuquen and help the other sisters in their areas. 

well.. just a huge shoutout to my super hero and my best homie in the whole world.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAADDD!!! Love you tons, to infinity and beyooonddd!
Also, sadly enough, neither of our two baptisms went through this weekend... Rocios mom went to Chile, so that is kinda tough to do. and then Cristina ended up having a lot more doubts than we thought and didn't feel prepared this week :(
Alsoooo... just having to say bye to everyone in Zapala literally hurt my heart. so  sad.. iloved everyone there, and I am in dire need to get back there and give everyone a giant big fat hug. so there's that.

I hope that Neuquen Centro is ready for all the Hermana Narvaez and I have got in the baaggg!

keep it cool, cool kids. (:

xoxo Hermana Terry

....if I do say so myself!

This week was pretty great, if I do say so myself. (: 
We had a family night with Rene, our recent convert, and even though his health is pretty bad, I am surprised everyday by his good attitude and ability to laugh at all of the silly things we say. They came to church this week, so that was a logro (< accomplishment?) for sure. Every week we have a fhe with them, because Irma, his wife, loves to do them and invite all of her nietos and hijos. It is always fun and spiritual. 
This week we also had the opportunity to prepare Melina for her baptism. I am always amazed at the people that are beyond prepared to accept the gospel, because they have strong testimonies right away. Every lesson that we had with Meli was a powerful moment and another testimony to me that God is REALLY preparing peoples hearts to have the gospel. We only taught Melina for a week and a half and she is already a completely different person. She shared her testimony yesterday and it sounded like she had been a member her whole life... are you kidding me? HEAVENLY FATHER IS THE BEST!! 
Also, some super cool news... Anahi received a calling the primary as the valients teacher, and Rosa received the calling as the HLJ teacher.  I am super excited to help them in their callings and help them keep learning about the gospel. 
All 5 of our recent converts were at church yesterday, and we had 3 investigators in the sacrament meeting! We are feeling so blessed and thankful for the miracles that we see everyday.
This week we are hoping to prepare Rocio and Cristina for baptism... keep them in your prayers, because they need lots of love and preparation!
Hermana Soto is seriously great. She is a really prepared and inspired missionary. I feel super privileged to be able to work with her and learn from her humility and pacience everyday..
keep it real, be good, be patience, be kind (:

xoxo Hermana Terry

9 Months. Rosa.

I don't even know where to begin, because we are seeing so many miracles in every second, i can't keep them all straight. Here are some great things that happened this week: Rosa was able to move next door into the house of her daughter to start to live the law of chastity and to be able to get baptized on Saturday, we had really great interviews and practices at the entrevistas!, Melina, our investigator is continuing to progress everyday and is super excited for her baptism on Saturday, and two less actives, the daughter of Rosa and her boyfriend came to church on Sunday! We feel like he is super ready to come back to church, but we need to strengthen Celias testimony.
In these past weeks, I have felt super grateful to be here in Zapala right now. I LOVE teaching. I love it!!! I love talking to people in the street, and helping them understand that we aren't crazy and that we believe in Jesus Christ and that God has a plan for us. I feel overwhelmed with all of the love and happiness I feel for the people here. I can't believe how fast the time is going, but I just love being a missionary. I have never felt so happy in all of my life. Keep my cute girl Melina in your prayers so that she can get baptized on Saturday! 

Also, give Alma 48 a read. Im just trying to not have a crush on Moroni.. is that freaky? haha righteous dudes are what I am after.. after the mission of course (; 

Hermana Terry 

just nine months.. is that a funny sight or what? sisters don't have anything cool to we take the "9 month" picture. (: 

also, my compy made me the cutest heart tree full of nice compliments. she's so great (:

Shout Out...

just a shout out to the 4 dudes in the picture.. probably some of my best homies in zapala.. okay, i have a lot of good homies here, but these peeps are luis,1st and only counselor, elder parkinson, bishop salazar and elder thurman. such good dudes (:

also... AHIAN. yes, we made him a missionary shirt. and he wore it to church on sunday. too freaking cute, right?