Tuesday, April 7, 2015

i am actually in neuquen...

wow, this week feels like a super blur, it went by so fast. I love Zapala, I love the members and everyone that I met there. I am super grateful for all of the miracles that the Lord made happen and that I could take part in the lives of such marvelous children of God. This week we had transfers, and I am officially here in the city of Neuquen. I am so overwhelmed by all the movement, people, music, stores, smells, cars... whoa. I went from suuupper tranquilo to freakin' CENTRO of Neuquen. hollaaa. my new compy is hermana Narvaez from Columbia and she is just super tiiiny! but super nice and cute, and I am hyped to be here! (:

This week we did intercambios with Hermana Calderwood, I went to Ruca and it was super fun. I got a huge spiritual slap to the face because we did lots of contacting in the morning and we literally talked to like 10 people that accepted a card and a return appointment... Right now the mission is focusing on contacting in the mornings to find prepared children, ready to receive the gospel. I have kind of slacked on it lately.. but don't worryyy! I love how Heavenly Father works with us and shows us humbly and patiently that we can always work harder. It was a super fun time to work with Hermana Calderwood and I learned a lot from her experience. 

Basically this whole week, Hermana Soto and I shared about the prophets and how we need to listen to their counsels. We helped lots of people write down their questions and doubts, in order to really pay attention to the conference. It was a really great week and I felt super energized and happy to prepare spiritually to listen to all the inspired words of the general conference. It seriously blew my mind. SO powerful, spiritual, and simple. I say that every new conference is my favorite, because it gives me so much spiritual energy for the months that will come. Wow, I can't even begin to express my love for the prophet, apostles and other leaders. I am so hyped on the priesthood and to know that God truly knows us and loves us. I can honestly say that every question I wrote down, had an answer. and I am such a silly kid, I have so much to learn. I was looking for deep, profound answers, but when I listened to the conference, I was again reminded that the gospel is SIMPLE. It is super easy, if we make it that way. I loved hearing about faith, prayer, the family and going to the temple. I loved listening about repentence and the atonement.. i don't have my journal. (probably better because this email would be like 10 pages long.. haha. needless the say, CONFERENCE IS SO SIIIIICK!!!)  

I could say a million things about this week, like how Meli just up and started going to seminary, hosted a family night at her house with her friends and just gave a mind blowing spiritual thought about martin harris and the 116 lost pages... are you kidding me meli? you can bet your bottom dollar I bawled my eyes out to say bye to that kid. love her forever. so solid.  ...but mostly I just want to report that I am happy, healthy, and super surprised that I was called to be a Sister training leader here in Neuquen.. I am super humbled and grateful to be working with the hermana Narvaez because i know she is going to help me SO much to be a better missionary, and disciple of Christ. I am so excited to serve here in Neuquen and help the other sisters in their areas. 

well.. just a huge shoutout to my super hero and my best homie in the whole world.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAADDD!!! Love you tons, to infinity and beyooonddd!
Also, sadly enough, neither of our two baptisms went through this weekend... Rocios mom went to Chile, so that is kinda tough to do. and then Cristina ended up having a lot more doubts than we thought and didn't feel prepared this week :(
Alsoooo... just having to say bye to everyone in Zapala literally hurt my heart. so  sad.. iloved everyone there, and I am in dire need to get back there and give everyone a giant big fat hug. so there's that.

I hope that Neuquen Centro is ready for all the Hermana Narvaez and I have got in the baaggg!

keep it cool, cool kids. (:

xoxo Hermana Terry

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