Tuesday, April 7, 2015

....if I do say so myself!

This week was pretty great, if I do say so myself. (: 
We had a family night with Rene, our recent convert, and even though his health is pretty bad, I am surprised everyday by his good attitude and ability to laugh at all of the silly things we say. They came to church this week, so that was a logro (< accomplishment?) for sure. Every week we have a fhe with them, because Irma, his wife, loves to do them and invite all of her nietos and hijos. It is always fun and spiritual. 
This week we also had the opportunity to prepare Melina for her baptism. I am always amazed at the people that are beyond prepared to accept the gospel, because they have strong testimonies right away. Every lesson that we had with Meli was a powerful moment and another testimony to me that God is REALLY preparing peoples hearts to have the gospel. We only taught Melina for a week and a half and she is already a completely different person. She shared her testimony yesterday and it sounded like she had been a member her whole life... are you kidding me? HEAVENLY FATHER IS THE BEST!! 
Also, some super cool news... Anahi received a calling the primary as the valients teacher, and Rosa received the calling as the HLJ teacher.  I am super excited to help them in their callings and help them keep learning about the gospel. 
All 5 of our recent converts were at church yesterday, and we had 3 investigators in the sacrament meeting! We are feeling so blessed and thankful for the miracles that we see everyday.
This week we are hoping to prepare Rocio and Cristina for baptism... keep them in your prayers, because they need lots of love and preparation!
Hermana Soto is seriously great. She is a really prepared and inspired missionary. I feel super privileged to be able to work with her and learn from her humility and pacience everyday..
keep it real, be good, be patience, be kind (:

xoxo Hermana Terry

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