Wednesday, April 22, 2015

a better week!

Well, this week has definitely been better than the first week here! Regardless of the rain, and that I had to pull my dusty tights out of my suitcase, and the fact that I have realized I have so much more responsiblity as a sister leader than a normal missionary.. it has been full of miralces!! We had to start doing divisions with the hermanas in centro, because of some small issues with a new missionary. It was a blessing in disguise for both companionships because I had a moment of serious repentence for not being happy with my area, with my companion and everything else. I felt like Hermana Narvaez treated me like a baby, like she didn't need my help with contacting or lessons, or pretty much to do anything. I felt totally useless and it was like a flashback to my first week when I didn't know anything. then, we had the zone conference, talked a lot about faith and how this is the LORDS WORK, not ours... I went away for a day and realized that I was in the wrong. super wrong. I had a moment of weakness with my faith and trusting in my heavenly father. I had been praying for several days to find the answer and now I really understand that without love, faith and patience, the work can't move forward and I was holding not only hermana narvaez, but our whole area back from progressing for being selfish. I talked with hermana narvaez about how i felt and apologized for my bad behavior. 
needless to say, we are on a miracle seeing roll and I am so excited to be here. I am excited to keep working hard and progressing. I have learned a lot in these few days and I am feeling really good. Keep up the faith!
Also, something that I have learned is that baptism is the key to success! talking about and inviting people to be baptized is how we change peoples hearts. I have tried to talk to every person about baptism and it has been super successful. we have 8 fechas and i am hoping to see all of them at church this sunday!!
Pray for Fransisco!! cutest grandpa everrrrr!!! hes going to be baptized on the 16th of may (:

Also, this is my compii.. sorry for the state of this photo.. we were sharing some columbian dulce and it was super riiccooo!! holla. (:

Hermana Terry

(I had to take a picture of the computer screen because I couldn't get this photo to download.  Good thing for technology in this case!)

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