Wednesday, April 22, 2015


the truth is, there isn't much to report from this week.. i am still trying to get used to the city and my new area, which is tiny. haha we just contact all the live long day. seriously, i think i have been in about 5 houses this week... can you say tired? but hey, that's part of the fun! we have a baptismal date this weekend for a teenager named michael... he reminds me soooo freakily much of my cousin jacob. like, if jake was argentina, he would be michael. haha so funny. but the truth is that he needs LOTS of help, so keep him in your prayers.. all of them. his family is sealed in the temple, but super inactive and kind of anti-church now. soo that is a bummer. all of our other investigators, i still don't know... so that is awkward. I feel super weird here, but i am getting used to it! We have met some really cool people with great potential, but the hard part is finding them again. The work is harder here in the city... but i ain't scurred!! (: 

thanks for all the emails and love. you guys are the best. hope you had a super awesome holy week, remembering jesus and all. give conference a review because it was SIIICK. too cool for school. 

love you tons
hermana terry!


I was on instagram checking out some food photos when I ran into these cool pics!  What a blessing it was to see them.  I have been thinking about Kylee a lot and missing her and I was blessed to find these and see her when I needed too.  Thought I would share them since she didn't have any photos to send.  =]

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