Monday, January 5, 2015

talked to kylee!!!

We had an opportunity to skype with Kylee on Christmas Day!  How fun that was.  I was pretty down through the day because I missed her but it was all good.  We had about 30 min of time where we tried to get a good connection with her.  She couldn't see or hear us, we couldn't hear her, and back and forth that went.  We finally got a decent connection where we could see and hear her but she couldn't see us very well.  So that was sad (for Kylee!) haha.

She is doing so well and very happy.  She is loving her mission and has a companion right now from Provo.  They are besties.  Kylee was able to talk to Michael in Spanish pretty fluently.  She understands it very well.  It was awesome to see and hear her speak the language.

We were grateful for the opportunity to sit and skype with Kylee.  No, I didn't cry when she called or during the call.  I thought I would.  I cried after!  =]  haha

I just wanted to share on her blog.  =]
Here Kylee is talking to Hailey on the phone.  We used a magnifying glass to help her See Fonda!  Not sure it helped.  haha

Family photo!

Ky and her companion.  Somehow I got a postage stamp on the phone that took a selfie of us while I took a pic of Kylee.  Weird.  =]

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