Wednesday, January 28, 2015

heylp.... heylp mee!

Well,this last week of the transfer was super great and interesting!! It was a pretty great capacitación that we had... guess what? NO MORE NUMBERRSSSS!! Yes, for real, we are not doing key indicators anymore in my mission. the only thing we will count are baptisms and attendance at church. We are working this out from a book called 'the Daily Missionary' by Elder Christensen. it is called those who don't come to the herd.. or something like that in english... it is super cool because we are focusing specifically on less actives and investigators and their needs, not just how many lessons we taught in the week. I am super excited about the changes of numbers into focusing more on the people and their needs. I was thinking a lot about the changes and I realized that I think about numbers so much! Not just to do them, but because I like to accomplish my goals when I make them and I think that these new changes will help a ton with the goals I have to help less actives and investigators. Now we can focus more on them and getting them involved with the church and other members, instead of worrying so much at the end of the week about the weekly numbers. 
Also, I was kind of sad about transfers and splitting up from Hermana christensen... you guys will never guess what the heyck i am going to be doing this weekk...

I AM GOING TO TRAIN A NEW MISSIONARY. whaaaaaat? so crazy, literally still can't believe it. until thursday, I will be with my home girl hermana Christensen from the MTC!! how fun<3
but I am very excited and nervous to train a new missionary. It is definitely a crazy, jittery feeling. I feel like I have just started my mission, and I totally remember how it felt to start, so I am excited to help someone new start working and just love the mission. 
something great that happened this week was an awesome lesson about the law of chastity and marriage with our investigators Anahi and Gustavo. they are so great and receptive. We talked about their doubts and fears, and how to overcome them. They decided that the biggest decision was just to actually decide and act! So they are now talking about how excited they are to keep learning so that they can get married when the registro civil opens in February and get baptized after. They totally understood the importance of maintaining our bodies and spirits clean so that we keep really follow God and have the spirit! It was so cool. (: 
I love the misssionnn!! it is too fun and great to even be true. Keep on keepin' on and just trust the Lord with all the things you love, and worry about, He WILL help you out. 
thanks for everything, love you all super duper much. 
hey, freakin' shout out to mckel and drake, who just got engaged this week... is this even real life? haha super hyped for you guys.  
and a shout out to all the homies, because you guys are awesome.
hermana terry

wellllp... had to say bye to my bff yesterday... but also get to spend this week with my other bff!! wahooo

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