Monday, January 5, 2015

feliz navidad y año nuevo!

This week was really tranquilo, but we still managed to work really hard and have a lot of success. There were a couple of highlights from the week! Obviously, one of them was Christmas. We had a really good time with a few families from our ward, passing time with them and enjoying the spirit of Christmas. A really great part was talking with YOU GUYS! That was a really fun time. 
We had a few really awesome lessons this week that strengthened my testimony of what we are doing here as missionaries. One of them was during an intercambio with Hermana Woodruff. We taught our investigators gustavo and Anahi. They didn't read the chapter we had left them before, so we decided to read it. 2 Nefi 31 about the gospel of christ and the most basic things. It was so great to read it out loud with them and help them understand more about the basics of baptism and how they have to keep working hard. One of the doubts of Anahi was that she didn't want to get baptized because she didn't want to fail God after making a promise with Him. We explained to her that it isn't necessary to be perfect before or after baptism, but to keep moving with her faith and always trying to do her best. She felt a lot better after we helped her understand more. And Gustavo is kind of stubborn, but he is great, and we know that he believes everything. He feels good at the church, he likes to study the scriptures and he likes to share his feelings, but he is a little bit prideful and doesn't want to admit that he might actually believe in the gospel. It is a bit funny, but we invited him to be baptized and helped him understand that without a goal, he might not progress. He said that he knows it's all true, and that he knows they need the gospel in their family to help them be better. WAHOO! It was such a great lesson and they are excited to be at church and learn more. 
The other lesson was with Laura and Guille. We have been studying a lot about love as a companionship, how to show it more and what it means to really love someone, especially God. So, we decided to share this principle with them, because it is simple and we can all relate to love. Well, little did we know (luckily, the spirit knows way better than we do) that this idea is exactly what we needed to crack Guille and help him really feel the spirit and get a lot of pride out of his heart. He cried and told us that he needed to start to use the atonement like he used to. Instead of fearing the love, he needed to be faithful and really love God like he used to. It was such a powerful lesson!

also, just this morning, Hna Christensen and I read a freaking cool talk called the Choice Generation by RAndall L. Ridd. search that stuff of and take the counsels!! it is so good and I thought of my dweeb little brothers, so make sure they get a good read on it. Do I hear a family  night coming up? yahhh! do it, do it! (:

get a goood read on that stuff. Wow. life is just moving right along! Thanks for everything you guys do. Some topics I have been reading up on are faith, repentence and love.. the bible dictionary is for real my best study homie right now, so there is my challenge this week. Read that stuff!! Also, do I hear new years resolutions happening?! Get that stuff done!! So hyped for 2015.. is that even a real thing? Dont party too hard. be safe, be happy. love you guys soooo so much<3

hi, i am super special (: don't mind my bald elf head..

 just your typical argentine Christmas. Get your asado on... and hi, did we really make homemade cheese cake? yesss. we did! it was sooo good (:

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