Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Long week/ No pics =[

This week was so long, and I feel like we didn't do much, but looking back, we were super busy! We were able to do an intercambio, consejo, a capacitacion and the conferencia de estaca. I feel like I have really been edified this week and I have learned a bunch.

We ate good this week kids. NO MORE FIDEOS ! we totally ate some asado and empanadas and such good food that made me feel like I was at grammy and papas! How're they doing? Not helping with the chubby thing.. but hey, when in argentina... eat bread? hahah whatever. ya fue. 

Also, we had a tight stake conference and our bishop totally dropped cane about the sabbath day. it was SICK. i was like, YEAH OBISPO! KILLIN' IT. haha he was like, we should be converted to the Lord and the gospel, not the members and everything else... also, he was like, it doesn't matter if someone doens't greet you in the street, or if you don't like the bishops counsels or you felt incomfortable because you came in pants instead of a dress... we are here to worship God, not worry about everyone else. 
It was awesome. I was so hyped. I love when people call others to repentence!

Sadly enough, our once progressing investigators have stopped progressing. We are trying to find out how we can be more powerful teachers and share the gospel in a way that is clear and simple. I am learning a lot as I read my scriptures and study the doubts and questions of our investigators. This week I studied a lot about the plan of salvation and the reasons why we should be baptized. I want to start studying more about the priesthood because I know that a lot of people doubt Joseph Smith was a prophet and there was a restoration. I love the scriptures and finding all these hidden treasures. its so sick.

well, doing good here! thanks for all the support. love you guys

Hermana Terry

ps sorry for no pics.. the computer here is so freakin slow, its not worth the time to upload them

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