Wednesday, October 14, 2015

physically tired...

Well, this week has been very interesting. I have felt very tired physically. That's good, makes me happy because I know I'm working. But there were many things that prevented us from working as much as we wanted. On Tuesday, we had the zone training then we did intercambios, and this weekend, we had the general conference ... There is no excuse, but I feel that we do not work as we could have. :( boo.... Still, I feel that the Lord shows us miracles every day. I still feel great changes in my heart, personality and way of thinking.
We have 4 new investigators from the week, 11 new investigators since I got here to Zapala.. the only hard thing is getting back to teaching them. Buuttt... we contacted this really cute nice girl named Adriana.. she looks like she is 24, she is 37 and has an 18 year old son. crayyy cray! haah but its okay, we taught her and her son about the plan of salvation.. because I asked her if God and Jesus Christ were with us, what would she ask them, or like to know? and she told us that she wants to know with what purpose he created us.. what are we supposed to do here? And it was like, perfeeccttt! haha so we started to teach the plan of salvation. the 18 year old at first was like, okay this is kinda lame.. but as we started explaining what happens after death, he read alma 40:23 and didn't really understand. so we explained about the resurection and everything.. you guys, the light in his eyes, i can't even explain it. Its like there was a spark that clicked and it just made sense and he was like, wow that is so cool.I always thought that it ended with death, and then we would go to heaven or hell.. but this all makes so much more sense and its way better than just finishing. It was a really spiritual experience. We promised them that if they went to conference, they would receive even more testimonies of the plan... well, we were right, they talked about the plan of salvation a lot on saturday in the morning.. but. they didn't go :( boooo. 
I learned a lot in general conference this weekend .. I felt a strong desire to change my character. Some questions I asked were a little "Trunky" because I have fear of going home and  all the temptations will just be right in my face waiting for me to fall.. but I feel that the Lord will help me if I keep striving to do right. I am eager to return and continue to strengthen my testimony .. I want no part of the world... I want to be in it, but not part of it. I love so many things of the the world, but I am really thinking about my future and I want to make sure that I stay spiritually strong. I want to have the companionship of the Spirit forever, I don't want to be far again.. there's not greater joy I have ever felt than learning more about the gospel and feeling the spirit.. I love the changes I'm seeing.(:
Some of my favorite talks were by pres. uchtdorf in the womens session, elder ballard, sister marriott, eller lawrence, elder hales, elder oaks, presidente monson, al the testimonies of the new apostles (PS.. TOTALLY CALLED THAT ELDER STEVENSON WOULD BE AN APOSTLE. WAHOO. REVELATION. ;) ), elder nelson, elder christofferson, elder eyring, elder durrant, elder keetch, elder bednar, sister stephens... basically i loved the whole conference. if you didn't watch... you suck. haha just kidding, but you are definitely missing some serious modern revelation! get to it!! (: I feel so blessed to be part of this church and enjoy the blessings of the prophet, apostles and the priesthood.

love you guys so much!!
challenge this week: do what elder lawrence and elder durrant encouraged us to do (:

Hermana Terry

it snowed this week.. haha
also a tigghhhtt rainbow after conference. God is such a capo. (:

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