Wednesday, October 14, 2015


This week has been really lovely. We got to do lots of fun things and I am learning so much. I am loving being here in zapala because I am seeing a bunch of people that i LOVE and I am getting to know a new area so that is dope. I really am loving it. 
this week we had a fhe with our investigator gustavo, who is so freaking cool. he has been an investigator for 4 months, because he waiting for his divorce to get married and be baptized. it is kind of a crazy situation because he technically isn't breaking any commandments, but the leaders here adviced him to wait.. anyways he is suuuper smart and reads a ton of doctrine and scriptures and books of the church. He prepared the lesson about faith. It was just what I needed. It literally brought me to tears. He shared a mormon message about faith.. it is called simple and pure faith or something like that. it is a cutie asian girl telling her story about money and stuff. it is really nice, look it up. So we talked about the fiath and the requirements of faith.. we could literally do anything that is good if we had enough faith in God. I can't really explain it but I feel super grateful to my Heavenly Father for putting me here in Argentina and to know all these people who have shown me such great faith. It makes me feel like I am a woman of little faith, and I need to be more like some of the people here to be able to be humble, patient, faithful and loving.. basically to be more like Jesus. 
Also this week, we have a ton of new investigatores, two of them have a baptismal date.. dooope. We also went to Neuquén for Leadership Council, which is always a good time.. There are a lot of changes in the mission, which is good and bad. Good because it is going to help us be a mission of more faith and obedience.. bad because we still aren't a mature mission.. so we have had to take away a lot of priviledges to help us be more obedient... 
I was just reading in 1 Nephi 16-19  this morning and reading aout Nephi when his family was in the wilderness and when he broke his bow and arrow and everyone got so ticked, even his dad, who was super awesome, was murmering against God and he just kept going with his great faith. isn't that so sick? and his brothers tied him up in the boat and he was like, I wasn't mad because I trusted in God and I know that he does everything for a reason. I just want to be like Nephi. so faithful and loyal. CAPO. 
Anyways...thats all folks. love you,
portense bien, besos.
Hermana Terry 

Leadership council

we rescued this fweaking kitty from the street.. super cutie.

and feliz cumple to hermana rodriguez.. thanks for the decorations mom, they continue being helpful (:

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