Wednesday, October 14, 2015

transfer 11, week 4

so that is a very freaky countdown type of thing right thurr in the title.. ^ he he he... IM SCURRED. 

okay so you guys, this last week was crazayyy. lets see.. where do we start? at the beginning (:
on monday we had this cool lesson with our investigator Agostina, who is 9. she is so darling. and she went to church this week, holllaaaa! so she wants to get baptized, but she goes to her dads house every other weekend and that complicates things as far as church attendance goes, but we aren't worried about it. 
On Tuesday, while we were contacting in the morning, we talked to this athiest lady, and it was SO SAD. she was  explaining how she used to be way catholic and religious and then as time went on and she did research, she "discovered" that it was all a lie and when she decided to "let it all go" she felt free and without a religious weight and stuff... i laid down the law and testified to her that she is a daughter of God and that he was sad that she had let all of that go. I told her that he was waiting for her to find her faith again and to be actually happy. She told us that she hasnt been happy since and that she doesnt believe it is possible to be happy again. I walked away with a huge headache, it was super bummer. but i know she felt the spirit when we testified of Jesus Christ and the restoration. 
Then, we taught our great investigator family, Maira and Jesús. We kind of got to know her and talked about the atonement... she started to tell us that since we met her, she has been praying everyday, Jesús got a job, they were able to buy a car and she has felt a lot of peace and happiness . she said that she knows we are really special people.. theeeenn after the district meeting, we went back with the elders so that they could bless their house, request from Jesús. it was so awesooommeeee! they are going to progess a lot. jesús is like, not reeeaaally about it, but he will change (:
and here comes the good part, okay? hahahah.. so on Wednesday, we had a conference with Elder Teixeira, from the Seventy. We had a leaders meeting early, before everyone else, and according to our schedule, we were to be seated at 915. so we planned to leave at 845 to get there before 9. well... as we called the taxi, Elder Moser (asistente) calls and said that they were just waiting on us.. WHAT?? OF COURSE. so we got there late, and he had already started the meeting. SO embarrassing. Then, we went into the other meeting, it was SO great. seriously learned so much. Elder Teixeira is very personable and told lots of great stories and the spirit was so strong. Then after lunch, Hermana Teixeira spoke and she was pretty involved with all of us, calling on us, asking to share and totally dropping cane about our studies and obedience. Then we start talking about P day and all of the good activites that we could do to better know Neuquén. Well, because we went to museums and everything last week, i was like, yayyhhh i am goign to share.. here we go. This day, I woke up feelign suupper tired, so we woke up kinda late. like, stayed in our beds chatting and didn't do our excercises. Well, obedience is a huge deal, obviously. because if not, we can't really feel the spirit. So I am standing up in front of 140 missionaries, the assistants, and President and his wife, right?  and she starts asking me about the day starting from 630 AM... i wasnt going to lie and say that i followed all the rules exactly that  morning, so i told the truth.. and well, she dropped cane SO HARD on me. I can't really explain it, kind of one of those "had to be there moments"... My face went so red, but i just tried to stay humble and not worry about it. It was the most embarrassing and humiliating moment of my entire life. I fought back the tears very hard after the meeting. Everyone was staring at me and came up to talk to.. or those around me were talking ABOUT me.. it was a terrible moment in my life. Now that i think about it, I don't feel too bad, but that is because i have been repenting all week. and you can bet your bottom dollar that I have been out of my bed everday at 630 on point and doing excercises right after. haha I will never be in that situation again. (okay return or present missionaries, laugh it out. read it and weep.. this is a warning for allll who aren't being exactly obedient. haha)
So besides THAT.. the week has been pretty normal. Elder Teixeira put a goal that we have to teach 21 lessons every week to investigators with a member present. Mission Impossible? maybe, but we will make it work. we have faith! 
I love the mission because I am growing so much as a person. I truly have desires to do what is right. It makes me so happy. I love the gospel. I hope you all have a great spiritual moment this week  (:
Much love
Hermana Terry

you guys, i am a grandma! hahahah... this is my hija, hermana soto, and then hermana sabo, who hermana soto trained. so fun.
also, hermana christensen and hermana huisar are mother and hija... we trained at the same time, both of them are mexicans. so fuuuunnnnnn
and also... we went to the radio this week, hermano hugo made me a cake of thanks. haha he is so nice. 

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