Wednesday, October 14, 2015

he, he, heyyyy!

well i am pretty much losing my mind that we are in the last week of the transfer!!! i seriously do not know where this last transfer went... VOLANDO. and to make it a little bit worse, hermana christensen and I are now separated for the last week because of some issues with other hermanas. I love being able to serve others and help, because I am learning a bunch about how to handle lots of different personalities, I am SO patient now ;) ahahah and it is awesome.. but i am suuper bummed that our transfer together got cut short. sooo..  there's that!
Besides that, we had a really solid week. We had a zone pday activity... which we just played basketball and soccer.. which i thought i was getting better.. but i pretty much suck. haha what do you do? but i will be able to trash wes in a good game of FUTBOL! haha so that'll be dooope! (buckle up wes (; )
Okay... I am going to confess that most of the time, I copy a huge section of my letter to president here in my email to you guys. and it was a lot easier when President Lovell was here, because I obviously wrote him in english... but with Presidente Casariego, I write it all in spanish... so here is an awesome translation from Google... because #notime. get ready to laugh because spanish to english translations are hilarious. hahaha:
This week was cute, I think a lot more work with members (I think we worked a lot more with the members). I like having big goals because I do want to work more. and this is good. Set a goal of 21 lessons with members present, and this was ok, but we do not succeed (We set a goal of 21 lessons with investigators with members present, it didn't go bad, but we didn't fulfill that goal) ... I decided it's not lack of members willing, is a lack of researchers (investigators. lol) in their houses ha ha. It has been a bit difficult to find our researchers this week. we have found many new (investigators), but we want them to progress!
We have accomplished many goals that week ... we had a family home evening with members to know them better, we have worked with many more members, we are preparing a young man for the mission, we have been more in touch with the leaders, and I felt very good my progress and testimony. 
those are just a few accomplishments from this week. I love missionary work! It is so fun (: We had a pretty busy week, which is way nice... this area is always offering us good challenges. I am hoping that we can kill it this last week of the transfer!

Hope all is well up there in the 801.. or where ever you are out there in the big bad world. Have a great week (:

Hermana Terry

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