Wednesday, October 14, 2015

guess who's back?

back again... hermana terry is baacckkk in zapala!! Transfers today, aaaand I am back in Zapala, different area and ward, but same little city. i am super excited. I am with Hermana Maldonado from La Plata, Buenos Aires. So excited to be with an argentina. 

Over all, this week was very niiice and Hermana Rementeria  and I worked hard. We did not meet all the goals, but I felt we worked hard and tried our best to do what we could. We continue with the struggle of having willing members and investigatorless houses.. I have a lot of faith that these people will progress, just need to be patient. I am very grateful for the time I had in Limay, I learned a lot and grew a lot. What made me feel good about what I did there was the sacrament meeting on Sunday. There were many people that I had worked with, many who were inactive and have becoma active again. My heart was filled with so much love. I will miss everyone there. I just love missionary work because I now have so many friends and people that I consider my family. I can't even begin to explain it, but you guys will see when you get here (: 
Not much to report,.. mostly because I can't remember what I did this week, it went by so fast. I am learning so much about the gospel and trying to do everything right. I feel like I am starting over with all of my energy and love for the work. 
I love the gospel so much. have a great week homies, keep it holy.

Hermana Terry

Yesterday, it rained A LOT. this pic doesn't show, but shortly after, we were soaked... but this is my little cutie head Hermana Rementeria. 
Marisol, Jose Luis, Amanda & Hno Castillo... he is the toughest investigator ever. He knows the church is true, but he is just too prideful to admit it because of bad experiences he's had in other churches. But I love them so much. We ate lunch here every Tuesday.. they are chileans.. and so funny and crazy (:

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