Wednesday, October 14, 2015

i don't like thinking of titles.

okay.. sorry kids, i don't really feel like writing today, and i don't have much time, but this week was super crazy, lets just put it that way. crazy like my face in the pictures below. but this week has been full of a lot of learning! i am loving every single day as a missionary. this week was slow, and we didn't have really pretty numbers, but the pretty part is that my spirit is content and desires to see more success. We have a few investigators that are progressing and doing well, its awesome. We went to Chos Malal this week to do some exchanges ( this week, i actually discovered that intercambios is not an english word. hahaha oops) with hermanas Vilca and Anampa, both from Peru. Its a small little town that has only had missionaries for a year. they rent a small place to have meetings and there are only like 15 members, its a dope little group. So it was way fun to go visit. the only wack part is travelling in the middle of the night... and the other wack part is when the assistants called at 730 PM to tell us that we had zone conference the next day with Presidente. haha so the 10  of us rolled up on the collectivo at midnight to travel back to zapala and get ready for the conference... it was crazy. we had a slumber part of sorts with 6 hermanas in our tiny pension. haah i was SUPER tired this week, needless to say. but something cool that has happened is that I have been working really hard on being exactly obedient... and ihaven't even felt really tired, sprititually that is. I have all the energy in the world to keep going hard. 
something cool that we are doing in the mission is sharing the first vision with members and then inviting them to invite a friend to a fhe to hear the first vision. so far, everyone has accepted to do it!! we have like 4 appointments this week with new investtigators. there is so much power in the restoration and first vision. it is incredible. i love the gospel. i am so happy here. i love my heavenly father for giving me this incredible opportunity to share the gospel and become more converted myself. if you guys could keep vanessa and juan, elena, belen, celso, adriana, and alexis in your prayers this week, that would mean a ton to us here! thanks so much (:
love you all tons, have a great week, keep restudying the conference talks.
 it snowed this week. A LOT. way crazy, i got soaked all the way to my skin.. it was miserable. haah luckily my compy let me borrow her coat (: you can see it on my face that i am not actually thaaat happy. hahaha

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