Tuesday, September 1, 2015

fe para bautizar.

well, sadly enough, we didn't have any baptisms in our area this week. booo. but lots of other cool things happened.. les cuento(:

On Tuesday, we did some intercambios. I worked with Hermana Eppley and we just worked the whole live long day! we got 14 referrals. so that is success, i would say! haha when we want to focus on something, we do it riiiiight! I love learning from other missionaries because I learn a lot about how to have more charity and faith. It's fun times.
Then on Wednesday, we had interviews with Presidente Casariego... It was fun, super laid back and just like, so random. hah but igual, it was good to learn from him. He shared with me in Alma 8 how
Alma ( idk what it says in english) se esforzó en el espíritu, implorando a Dios en ferviente oración... and he told me that I need to keep moving forward with lots of faith, and not to be stressed about big goals, but just to continue working with all diligence and obedience. it was great. 
then on thursday we were A FUL! it was so fun. but the fun part was our SICK lesson with Cecilia about the Restoration. Literally one of the most powerful lessons I have had in a long time. and even better because during the first vision, there wasn't ONE dog, phone call, screaming child or anything crazy. the spirit was SO STRONG. she was like, wow, i have never heard about this before, i feel really peaceful. YES. wahoooo! you guys my heart almost exploded out of my chest it was so spiritual. then we played a soccer game with FIFTEEN teenagers that came to play, less actives and non members. it was dope. since we can play sports with members now, we are killin it. 

Then we had a super dope stake conference, that came from the area and the apostles. it was super powerful. they talked a lot about three things: keeping the sabbath day holy, youth going on missions and the importance of the family and temples. so basically you all understand what kinds of issues we are dealing with here in argentina. Elder Maynes said that in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, there are 33,000 men between 18-25 that are members and only 800 something are serving full time missions. WHAT. we have a lot of work to do here! it is awesome. 

Also, today, Hermana Christensen and I went to two museums today and learned some stuff about Neuquén.. it was pretty cool and boring at the same time. We enjoyed an alfajor and scones from a panadería and we are just really enjoying our time together. (:

Have a solid week, folks. love you guys tons. 

us eating, us with the youth/investigators after playing soccer, pudding with bananas and carmel sauce, maybe more food, we like to eat, selfie with something about the first panaderia. 

just a giant pava, played some tape game with myself, these cookies STILL exist now. and a selfie in some super old balance. 
so enjoy that. happy picture week (;

oh and hey, just to let you guys know, i will be on the radio again this week on Friday! at 6PM argentina time. so, check it out.fmflash.com or something like that. you guys can find it in my old emails. he heh (:

and cool guys.... elder teixiera is coming on wednesday! wahooo for general authorities

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