Tuesday, September 1, 2015


well, can we get a shout out for just having LIFE??? and knowledge of the gospel?? ISN'T THAT SO COOL???  I thought so. (:

This week went rolling on by.. why, do you ask? BECAUSE WE GOT BIKES. yah yah.. haha so we have just been mobbing around, loving life. i am pretty saddle sore, which sucks. the first day i couldn't even sit on my chair to study. lol #outofshape...  it is way better here to ride bikes. (: 

So do you want to hear a cool secret about that talk I sent home last week? There is a story about a missionary who has a lot of faith and has a ton of success in his mission. He not only baptized a TON, but he taught lots of people how to be happy and have faith in the Lord. So that missionary... is MY NEW MISSION PRESIDENT. Soooo cool right? If you haven't read it, sucks to suck. ha no but read it because it will change your freakin' VIDA. Things are really changing here in the mission, it has been so great. 

We did lots of work this week, sadly enough, Debo isn't really about us anymore. :( the last time we saw her, it was SO AWKWARD. waaaahhh. we are bummed but we know that her time will come and we aren't giving up on her. We also recontacted lots of old investigators that have been to church and accepted baptismal dates. They all recieved us and we have appointments with them this week. YAYY. milagroosss (: 

Sad news. a cutie abuelita from Zapala is here in the hospital, in a coma. I am so bummed to hear stuff like that. So we have been working with her less active kids that live here and they have totally recieved us and there are some people that aren't members so we are trying to get a handle on all that. 

Its been a good week. I am doing good. I ate my first asado here in Neuquén for the first time yesterday, so that was much needed. ha I told Hermano Castillo that I am going to build a parilla when I have my own house. No doubts. 

have a really great week, and do what Jesus would do. 

Hermana Terry

crazy fools (: Hermana Farrow got glasses. cool kid.  

throw back to zapala because my pics don't work. love you fools. hah


these are the pics i sent earlier (:

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