Tuesday, September 1, 2015


ALRIGHT. GOOD WEEKS. I love that stuff. I love having a good week and feelign happy, ya know? I just love it. I love working with my compi Hermana Christensen. I love finding people who want to know more about the gospel. I love leadership training, it is one of the best parts of the mission. I love having goals and working hard everyday to reach them. President Casariego has given us the goal to have 175 baptisms before the end of August. So... keep us in your prayers because we are going to see some serious miracles in these next two weeks. I love the scriptures and preach my gospel. success is slow, but steady. we don't have any progressing investigators right now.. i am in the city, and it is a bit harder to capture peoples attention, but we are finding some great people and trying to work with the members. 
beloved transfers. haha i stayed here in barrio limay in neuquen. my 4th transfer here and my companion is hermana christensen from the mtc. it has been SO FUN to be with there again because we are reminiscing on all the good times. and putting to practice some of the things we learned in the mtc...so we are basically just killing it out here! life is good. i am feeling a great change inside of me. my heart is different. I LOVE THE GOSPEL SO MUCH. I don't understand why it took me 14 months to realize that as missionaries, we do one of the most important things in this whole world. we invite people to completely change their lives and enter into the kingdom of God. ISN'T THAT THE SICKEST THING EVER? We had a zone training and I basically cried the whole time. haah and I was in charge of giving it! so silly. it was so awesome. i love my savior and my heavenly father and the atonement and everything good. 
Also something super cool that happened this week is that we got blessings from the Bishop to help us with the missionary work. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had in the mish and helped me refind my love for work. It totally made me think of when I got set apart as a missionary and how nervous and excited I was to serve. All those feelings came back. More excitement and less nerves, but so many desires to invite EVERYONE to be baptized. (: 

have a good week, search ponder and pray. be obedient. 3 nephi 13:31-34
Hermana Terry

happy fridays with danna (:
 ^super crazy hair.. that is natural. i have curly hair now. haha its so funny

my beloved farrow. just after playing a good game of fútboool!

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