Tuesday, September 1, 2015

...SO FAST...

well hey family! this week seriously went by SO FAST. i cannot believe it. it's weird because we didn't even really doing anything reaallllyyy cool, just normal work. 

we had zone conference with presidente casariego and talked a lot of faith. we did some intercambios, had some meetings and just balled so hard. crazy trials of our faith are happening right now. presidente and hermana casariego got way sick this last week and the whole office is sick too. with the flu and chicken pox. my comp hasn't had chicken pox yet.. so i will let you know how this week goes. lol. 
something that we are doing in our zone right now is that we can't go back to the pension unless we have invited at least one person to be baptized with a specific date. so that is basically because this zone hasn't seen a baptism since april. yiiiikes.

i am almost done reading doctrine and covenants! section 135 made me cry. so sad. it is such a good book. I LOVE THE GOSPEL. WOW.

have a great week. do something that you have always been scared to do. have courage. have faith. be smart (:

Hermana Terry

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