Tuesday, September 1, 2015

houston, we have a problem.

hey ya cool kids. how ya'll doing?? i am doing great. tired. surprised? haha but i love it, ain't nothin' but a G thang babbbayy!
so basically this week went by SO FAST. we are already in the third week of the transfer and i am freaked out. hermana christensen and i can't even believe it... but we are trying working our little bums right off. literally, like we haven't even taken a cutie pic yet to send you you fools.. so sorry about that. we will do better this week. we will do some before and afters from the mtc and now. hahaha (; too bad i don't have like, any of the same clothes to be able to do it. we will see what happens. 
so we are kinda bummed because nobody went to church yesterday. we had 3 dates and they all fell because nobody went to church. AAGH. José isn't really progressing. we had a "charla franca" with him and he said that he wanted to keep learning with us, but he isn't really showing interest in getting baptized or changing. he hasn't stopped going to his church, so that is the first sign for us that he isn't down. ii'll let you know how it goes next week. 
so the problem is that. we don't have any investigators to be baptized this saturday. and we need TWO of them.... ah. we did find his freaking cutie boy named alejandro, he's 13 and 3 years ago, he wanted to get baptized, but his dad wouldn't let him. KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS... so that he can be baptized on saturday.. him and his mom. it will be a grand miracle. (: we have lots of faith that things will turn out how God wants them to. so just keep us in your ORACIONES. okay? okay. we are just working our little bums off, don't you even worry. have a super good week everybody!!!

Hermana Terry
Alma 26:12

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