Tuesday, September 1, 2015

week (insert big number)

howdy howdy!

this week was pretty cool, every week is cool on the mission because there are always ups and downs and crazy cool stuff (: its just a bummer that i can't remember everything that i do. ha...
so we did some intercambios and that is always crazy and fun! hah  it is interesting because i am learning a lot how to handle situations that i have never had to be in. I think it is helping me A LOT to be a mom. someday, way lejos en el futuro. ja ja. but it is helping a lot (:
we are going so hard on our bikes, i don't know how i ever walked so much before. bikes are so FAST and functional and smart. ha so great. 
this week, our investigator Jose accepted a baptismal date for the 22 of august and went to church yesterday! He said he didn't really like it. HAHAH... he has gone to the iglesia pentecostal since he was born basically so he just isn't used to it.. but we will see how he progresses as we continue teaching him (: 
lots of funny and cool stuff happens as missionaries. but this week, i was just riding my bike to a cita and looked down at my chest and saw my name tag. it seriously dawned on me how amazing it is that i am here in argentina serving the people here, teaching them about the restauration of the gospel. isn't that so cool??? i have been here in the 'Tina for a year now and it is has been so great (: i love it, and i have such a strong testimony of the gospel and how it changes people. mostly me, but hey, thats a good thing too (:

keep it real friends, have a solid week! do some family history work.

Hermana Terry

last p day, we ate waffle sandwiches. so good.

and we were accidentally twinning.. haha nothing like twinning missionaries (:

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