Sunday, August 17, 2014

We walk A LOT.....

Family! First of all, I would like to apologize for my pathetic email last week... Culture shock is a thing, and so is home sickness. So, yah that was a weird feeling. I don´t think i have ever been homesick before last week, but I was definitely feeling it, because the lifestyle here is SO different than my lifestyle at home. BUT! It´s okay, seriously, all is well.. and I am adjusting much better to the missionary lifestyle. So now let me tell you about my full week of being a missionary in Argentina (:

We walk. A LOT. Like, we never stop walking, mostly because people never let us into their houses... haha It´s a good time (; Our area boundaries just got changed, and it´s massive. We seriously have like, half of Bariloche... okay not really, but it´s a really big area. We don´t have any progessing investigators. and we probably have 70 or more less actives/inactive members that we are trying to contact and teach again. Then we have about 20ish solid active members. But, you guys, we had EIGHT less actives at church yesterday!!! WHAAA...HOLLA! It was so wicked. >Yes, half of them we visited and invited to church this week (: yay. So the members here are really awesome. We have lunch with members everyday, and it´s normally really delicious. I have yet to have a meal that makes me want to gag... haha so hopefully that continues (: It´s also winter here in Argentina... like, freezing. Except there´s no snow on the ground. There is snow on the mountains though, so that´s like a little piece of home right in front of my eyes everyday (: Okay, let me try to explain how cold it is.. some of you will know this story and probably laugh, but I have been trying to come up with a way to explain the cold. So, remember that night we went to Temple Square with all the family right after Christmas? I had just gotten those cute new boots and other things I liked that weren´t exactly super warm. I don´t think I had a big coat or anything... And I complained the whole night about how cold I was? It was freezing that night, and soo windy! Am I right or am i basically right? Okay, so it´s like a bitter winter morning in Utah, minus the snow, plus tons of wind, plus RAIN. Ahh... that´s the worst part. Being cold and windy is bad enough, but now we are soaked to the core, and not drying because of the humidity in the air. It´s a really good time. Everyday I just pray that it won´t rain and that I will stay warm... hah that way I can focus on the work, and not how cold I am. 

The work here is moving along.. and the only way i can explain it is that we get rejected all day everyday. literally, people will come check who is clapping through the window and either a) just straight up walk away or b)wave us off, kind of angrily... haha it´s really tough. but I mostly just feel sad for everyone here. and hermana hendry told me that´s good, because that means i am feeling love for everyone. 

Mom, I don´t think you would like it here very much... lemme tell you why: argentinos love mayonaise. they put it on everything... the weirdest things! Also, there are dogs EVERYWHERE. and they bark all day and night. some are very sad, and others are really annoying. The drivers here are nuts! and i think that´s why dad is such a crazy driver (; hahah kidding. there was something else... but i don´t remember. haha anyways, it´s a crazy world down here in the south of argentina... but i love it and i am slowly getting used to the lifestyle. 

best thing here: alfajores.... ahhhh yah. holllaa

love you guys, thanks for everything!! 
Hermana Terry

ps... i would love mail! i sent my address last week.. so i will be waiting... (;

There are no pics to go with this post because I wasn't able to get them uploaded.  Next time!  

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