Monday, August 4, 2014

Bienvenido a Argentina!

Where to begin...? 

i had a long two days of travel to get here, i left the MTC on Monday, the 28th at 6 AM... I was received in Argentina on Tuesday night! haha the mission presidents are the bomb! Super cool. The mission home is so nice (for argentina). Its like an american home! haha... we were there for two days, doing some training and house keeping rules. I got a new companion, and was assigned to an area. This means that I said goodbye to all the familiar faces from the MTC and said hello to a new place and lots of new people... my way of living did a complete 180... 
My companion is called Hermana Hendry, she is from american fork and she is very nice. super cool and a solid missionary. we are working in.. Bariloche! the best area of the mission (supposedly)... haha it is where I wanted to go though, so that´s really cool! I will just say this, missionary work is HARD. and I had no idea what i was signing up for when I decided to serve a mission. Maybe a lot of missionaries don´t say that, because we don´t want people at home to worry... Don´t worry, i am safe and healthy and living... haha but misisonary work is the hardest thing ever. Like, wow... faaaah ( that´s a spanish word for like "wooowwww"). I don´t know if thats how you spell it, but that´s how i do it. We have a lot of work here in Bariloche. A LOT. There are SO many less actives, and not so many active members. It will be good to have so much work, i think. 
My first two days in Bariloche were... interesting. It rained, nonstop, for two days straight. So imagine a really cold winter day in Utah, okay? so take that amount of cold, and then drench yourself in water, like coat and most of your clothes wet, then you walk around outside for hours on end. Yah, that´s how it has been, sounds awesome right? and because of this, nobody answers their doors. we dont knock doors here, we clap outside the fence. and everyone here lives in VERY humble circumstances. Most of the roads are dirt, there a few in town that are paved and some people have cars, but most people walk or take the bus places. We walk. and take the bus to town. but mostly walk. haha my first lunch was fun. a 3 year old flipped me off a million times, and i didn´t understand almost all the spanish i was hearing from the old woman feeding us. We have lunch with a member every day. It´s nice, they are all so great, but it´s really hard to understand all the different accents of castellano. I am trying so hard... the only person that speaks english is my companion and some of the other missionaries, that we don´t see very often. 
I am not sure what else to write... we eat one meal a day, some fruit for breakfast and then a big meal for lunch. thats how the argentinos do it! so, that´s fun. yesterday (sunday), we had a lot of plans for after lunch, referrals and menos activos and what not... not one person opened their door to us. we walked around for 3 hours with zero success... welcome to the mission life! But, then we found a family because we were trying to find another woman. We taught a lesson and are going back this week, holla! 
All is well here. Can`t complain.. keep it real, wherever you are! 

love you all!
Hermana Terry

Buenos Aires Temple

Hermana Hendry
All sorts of wet for two days straight!

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