Monday, August 18, 2014

no time.. hashtag mission probs

okay, this email will suck.. unlike my week. hahah i don´thave any time because i tried to write all of you back, and that just takes time! but everything here is moving along. we had a fun activity on saturday to try to get to know all the members and have all the new members meet the old members. i had some really cool spiritual experiences this week also, that i will try to write about next week. there is something good in everyday, and i am really focusing on that. missionary work is hard, but it´s so rewarding. i am really learning how to truly love people and  help them better their lives. it´s so important. my challenge this week is to start a tender mercy journal. because like i said, no matter how crappy the day seems, there is something good in everyday.. even if it´s just that we made someone smile, or didn´t get rained on. so everyday, think of something good that happened. it will better invite the spirit into your hearts! 

love you all and thank you sooo much for writing every week. it makes my heart so happy to hear about how you´re all doing. also, robbin williams died?? what the heck! i was shocked to hear that. i don´t hear much, but i am alway sshocked with the worldly stuff. all is well here and i am getting better at spanish and helping people. the most effective missionaries, or people. always act out of love.. keep that in mind  (:
hermana terry



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