Sunday, August 3, 2014

Are you ALL in?

Another happy week in the MTC! How is everyone doing? I love you all, so grateful for your support and all your help while I've been in the MTC.

"I'm leeaavvinn' on a jet plane! Don't know when I'll be back again...."
SIKE. I know when I will be back! Approximately December 15 2015! Isn't that fancy? hahah but still, I am leaving on a big old airplane on MONDAY! We got our flight plans this week, and I am so PUMPED! Also, I am terrified out of my wits... Not because I think I am inadequate, but because it will just be different. Can't wait though (: I am flying out of SLC at 11ish and will land in Atlanta around 440 (their time), 240 (your time) and will be flying out of Atlanta to Buenos Aires at 9 PM, hopefully arriving at 9 AM in Argentina on Tuesday. From there, I am have no idea  what I will be doing! I'm sure I will end up in Neuquen though (:

So this week... wowzers! It has flown by, I feel like I literally just emailed 10 minutes ago. 
Anyways, I don't have much time, so I hope I can get everything out that I need to! 
*If you plan on sending me mail/packages, please make sure they will get here by Saturday, or else I probably won't get them (: 
*I do have my flight plans, but I haven't heard anything about a visa, so I can't be 100% sure that I am heading out Monday... which is annoying, right? haha yah I know.
*Hermana Christensen and I have been assigned to be Sister Training Leaders... last week, I just forgot to mention it! haha It's kinda silly in the MTC, but it's been fun to get to know everyone really well! My zone is receiving TWELVE new elders today... so that means 30 elders 6 hermanas... WOW. wish us luck (:
*We are singing in Sacrament meeting (again, who knew I could sing? Not me... haha) for our departure... a song called The Olive Tree. It's beautiful, if you don't know it, you should definitely look it up!

So my branch presidency is SO POWERFUL. I can easily say I have the best people in charge of here... they are totally like our moms and dads, and just SO darling. the Domans are the best. they are the presidents. Coach doman was a coach for BYU football, and mama Doman is just the spunkiest, coolest lady ever. She loves purple ties, so all the elders have competitions every sunday to see who will win and have the best tie, according to mama Doman. She doesn't like red ties. so on Sunday, all the elders wore red ties, it was so funny! haha Also, they are some of the most inspirational people i have ever met. They have taught me so many things, and seriously helped me gain a stronger testimony. During our Branch Counsel on Sunday, he told us that at some point on our missions, we will look ourselves in the mirror and say "Is this really what I want? Am I really converted to Christ? Why am I here?" and right then, we will have to decide if we are all in. We need to decide if we are really converted unto Christ. If an apostle fell away from the church, would that affect your testimony? Okay, then you need to be more converted. Think about some of the toughest trials, meanest things people could say that might offend you... would you leave the church? Then you're not truly converted. We need to be converted unto CHRIST. Not the Church.... man is imperfect, but Christ isn't. So I decided right then that I am fully converted. Nothing in the world would stop me from believing. And I never want to do anything that would stop me from progression or having the spirit. 

So funny story... every Wednesday morning, we have a service project at 615... in other words, we get to clean the classrooms on campus.. FUN. hahaha we have made it really fun though. We all speak in british accents, play quidditch on the brooms with awesome commentary, and have races to see who can clean toilets the fastest. It's a good time. This morning was our last! sad! BUT, something awesome happened. We were taken to the Chamber of Pillows. I am under oath to not reveal its location, but speak of it's truthfulness.. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Imagine a room, all white as far as you can see and little clouds of heaven to swim through... plus a pillow fight. It was so freaking awesome. hahaha best part of the day! Seriously though, it's real. A room full of pillows, from ground to ceiling. 

Last night, we had a testimony meeting with our Elders and the Domans. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of the week. We all bore testimony again, just like we did the first time we met the Domans, and WOW we have all progressed so much!! It's amazing. I love all our elders so much, they have SO much potential and will be amazing missionaries. I wish you guys knew them. Elder Marshall is the only one going to Ecuador, and the rest of us will be in Neuquen, which will be dope times dope. So sad to leave Elder Marshall though, he will be a prophet or something, his testimony is so freaking solid. you'd think he was preaching from the scriptures from the mountain tops, so awesome. 

So, my challenge is... what can you do in your life to be more converted to Christ? To not be offended by others? To choose to be obedient to the commandments? I am here, preparing to leave to Argentina!!! I am choosing to serve Christ, because I love Him. and i love this gospel. I feel so blessed to be here! 

Todo esta bien aqui... tengo gozo en mi alma cada dia porque puedo servir mi Salvador, Jesucristo. Yo se que el vive... 

Hermana Terry

PS... My name hasn't been spoken one time here in the MTC... haha who is Kylee??? so funny!

Sorry, I don't have many pictures this week... but this chick is headed to Cancun Mexico... she is awesome, she's in my zone and we are the best of homies for so many reasons... hahhaah
Sister Andrews everyone!

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