Monday, July 21, 2014

The Works.....

Familia y amigos! ¿Cómo estan

Todo esta bien en la CCM! Esta semana fue bueno, por que soy un misionera de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los últimos Días! Tengo solamente doce días en la CCM! Estoy muy animado salir la CCM y voy a ARGETINA! Pero, estoy triste por que ellos no ganaron el cupa hoo! Esta bien, voy bautisar todo en Argentina, y ellos tenerán un vida más feliz... 

OKay, that took me forever to type, because typing in spanish takes a lot longer than typing in english.. and I don´t even know if half of that is right.. hahah my grammar still struggles, but I am trying my best. 
A lot of you have asked what the MTC (CCM, en español) is like... "Is it like EFY on steroids?" is most popular.. hahaha so I will tell y'all about the MTC and what we do here. 
I live at the West MTC, which is ALL spanish speakers. It is located at Rain Tree and WyView, for those of you that are familiar with campus housing in provo. We live in WyView and all of our class rooms are at Rain Tree. We have these giant white bubble things that we work out in.. volleyball, basketball, four square, weights, and a soccer/kickball field. so we have a good time. As of now, Hermana Christensen and I live with 4 other hermanas in our zone... with only 1 bathroom. you guys can do the math... all is well because we make it work though. Our schedule is like this:
630 AM get your butt out of bed, get ready, the works
730 AM breakfast
805-1125 AM class time
1125-1235 gym time
1255-140 Lunch
145-520 class time
520-600 PM dinner
6-9 class time
9-930 planning/zone prayer
930-1030 hustle home, get ready for bed, shower, journal, pray, read, the works... 
aaanndd repeat! CADA. DIA. hahaha the class times vary though. Some blocks are for teaching investigators, then doing some grammar stuff. One block per day is an hour of personal study, then an hour of companionship study, then an hour of language study. This block is my favorite because, you guys, the book of mormon and preach my gospel are so awesome. El Libro de Mormón is my favorite. Hma. C and I have a hard time transitioning to comp study because we love studying so much! Before my mission, I never would have studied for an hour, besides Sundays... but now, I wish I had all three hours to study by myself. 
Like I said, we live in campus housing, so it's just like living at college in the dorms. It's not too bad though! The only thing is the bed, it's hard. haha I love it (; my back always feels so good in the morning, wow..
This week, we got una piedra llamo "inglés".. if we speak any english, we have to carry the rock around until someone else in the district speaks english. So, I had my first dinner date in about 10 months this week (; hahahah although, la piedra wasn't very talkative... so that was annoying...

We had an awesome devotional this week by L. Edward Brown... and it was powerful!. It was about remembering how sacred the name of Jesus Christ is, and how it shouldn't just be a line to get out of a talk, prayer or testimony. When we make covenants with God, we are literally taking the name of Jesus Christ upon us. So, when we are commanded to not take the Lords name in vain, it's not only talking about saying "Oh my..." whatever. It's about our actions too, because we have Christs name on us, so when our actions aren't in accordance with what Christ wants us to do, we aren't keeping our covenant and taking his name upon us! I have definitely taken this to heart, and  I am trying to be more cautious about how I am using the name of Christ. He is our Savior. Because of Him, we are able to do all things. Through Him, we can be cleaned and receive exaltation. We should never take that lightly! 
My challenge this week is to read in 2 Nephi 3 and learn about a very special man named Joseph Smith. Then, read the JS History. Because he was amazing. He wasn't perfect, but I know that he was called of God to restore this church. I know he was a prophet. After reading, obviously the next step is to meditate and pray! Ask God about Joseph Smith and the things he did, then study some more!! 

I love being a missionary! I am so blessed to serve at this time! Let me know if you need anything! Love you guys, and thanks for all the support!!

Hermana Kylee Terry

always focused on our studies.... (;

Good times at the temple! It was finally open again today! Love my district, and love these cute girls in the district below us!!

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