Saturday, July 5, 2014


Okay, looking back on this week, i can say I've had the biggest smile on my face. But once Hermana C and I really thought about it, we had a week full of "biffs"... literally. Let me explain...
Last wed., one of the elders in my district went home, and it was surprisingly really emotional. those 6 (now 5) elders are like my brothers, we are a mini family, so it was so weird to have him gone. 
Our zone has been falling apart! Everyone is getting sick a couple kids have had surgery in the past week. One with a hernia and another got his appendix out. and the other half of the zone is sick, and have been going back and forth to the doctor. No worries, Hma C and I are still healthy and strong!
hermana C and I failed our cleaning inspection... what? I KNOW I cleaned the tub and the toilet, I will never forget that stuff... *yiiiikes*. so that was funny, kind of.
We also had a laundry "biff"... we didn't quite know how to work the laundromat deal, and I ended up not being able to wash my clothes... luckily i washed my underwear, so I wasn't completely out of luck! jajajaja it was awful. I felt so weird having so much dirty laundry today, but whatever! 
this week, we found out that our teacher, Hermana Graff, is getting transferred to a new district, and will no longer be our teacher. Which means we also lost an investigator, his alter ego, Alfonso. Honestly, I"m so bummed out! but... it's all well because we still have 2 way awesome teachers, hermana iroz who served in chile and hermana castro who served in argentina! boom!
the temple is closed for cleaning, so we weren't able to go today, which always puts a damper on your p-day! it will be open in two weeks though, so I'll be hyped to go then! 

And now let me explain the subject of this email... "I just can't even" is a frequently said and joked about sentence in our district, obviously making fun of the "basic girls"... jajaja. but this week, I felt like I literally just couldn't do spanish. often times, my head was empty and I couldn't remember what I had learned. On Sunday, I got a spiritual boost in relief society from a sweet little lady named Neill F Marriot... in the general young womens presidency. She said, "What would the Lord like to remove from your heart? What kinds of things would he want to enhance? sometimes, we say, 'I feel inadequate.' But, The Lord is NOT inadequate, so we should rely on Him!" it's easy to forget why we are here as missionaries and get caught up on trying to get to know each other better... but that will come with time and we need to rely fully on the Lord. I was feeling very inadequate as a missionary and as a spanish speaker, and I"m sure this won't be the last time I feel like that. I, as well as all of us, need to remember to rely fully in the Lord and remember his power. He has a plan for all of us, and everything we want wont' happen all once! 
Every week has so many miracles. I am so thankful to be a missionary. Everyday is good, everyday is hard and everyday is long. but I am young, healthy, able and ready to teach the gospel and serve those around me. Also, I'm seriously SO thankful for all of you who have sent me emails and letters and dear elders, it makes my day as a missionary! having so much support means the world to me, because the gospel means the world to me. An elder in my zone is completely unsupported by his family at home, and hasn't heard from them in the 4 weeks he's been here. I realized how blessed I am to have all of you at home who love me and take a minute to send me a short email or letter. i really love you guys, and you can't really understand how much it means to get that support! 
My challenge for the week is a prayer challenge. I think I will try to send you a challenge every week that has helped strengthen my testimony! So this week, get down on your knees (seriously, on your knees), and ask God about three things: 1- if the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is the only true church on the earth, 2- if joseph smith is a prophet of god, and 3- if the book of mormon is a true book. 
Even if you have ALREADY done this is your life, do it again. Why not? Why not get a reassured testimony of those most important things? I can say that I've never done it before this week. why? because I just knew in my heart that it was right and true. I never doubted the truthfulness of the gospel. BUT, when I prayed about it, I was overwhelmed with the spirit and a simple answer, "YOU KNOW." i do know! I know that this is the only true church upon the earth and I know that the work i am doing as a missionary is hastening the work. be a missionary all the time! always share your testimony because you never know who will be strengthened by it. pray everyday. read your scriptures everyday. I was lame before I came on my mission, because I thought I had a strong enough testimony.. but NOW. wow i am way more solid and have SO much more to learn!! Missionary work is the best work, so spread the happiness of the gospel (: never lose your fire, and work harder than everyone else, because I KNOW the Lord will bless us for our honest efforts!!

let me know if you guys need anything or have questions. my mailing address is:
Sister Kylee Jean Terry
JUL28 Arg-Neu
2023 N. 900 E. unit 800
Provo UT 84602

keep it real, and be yourself!!

Hermana Kylee Terry (:(:(:(:

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