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MTC = Make The Change


Okay, so the MTC. I don't like it here... it's the worst. The food isn't good. My companion is so mean to me and we don't get along at all. My district is full of really immature boys and I just don't understand spanish at all... it's been the LONGEST week of my life. I don't know if I can do this whole mission thing.... 

JAJAJAJA SIKE! Oh man, that is a TOTAL joke. I love the MTC. I love my companion and my district and everyone here. You all have a lot of questions, and I'm excited to tell you all my about my first week in the MTC. It's had many ups and a few downs and I can feel myself changing and progressing everyday. Thanks to all of you who sent me an email or a letter, I love you guys! I have a lot to say, so hopefully I can get it all out in the next 40 minutes. If you have any other questions, I´ll be sure to answer them next week, just let me know!

*How's the MTC?
-It's been awesome so far. I have very few complaints. I have an awesome District, Zone, Branch Presidency, and companion. the only thing that has been a problem is sleeping. I didn't sleep well the first few nights because I had such anxiety that my alarm wouldn't go off and I would miss class or something, so I woke up like 4 times in the middle of the night! jaja oh well, lack of sleep is the biggest issue for me. but I've been functioning alright and I don't fall asleep very often throughout the day, no worries! 
*How's the food?
-eeehhhhh..... Let's just say, it's nothing like my moms! It's not horrible, but it's not from a five-star restaurant if you know what I'm saying. It's not like I have diarrhea all the time either, although the elders in my district seem to have an issue... jajajaja aahhhh so funny. Hma. C and I are just fine though. Some things we've eaten are... eggs benedict, sloppy joes (didn't eat that one), tri-tip, pineapple chicken curry, oatmeal, soup, and a bunch of other stuff. The chocolate cookies are bomb... I've had one too many. (Sorry mom.)
*My companion?
-ohh man I have so much to say about her! Hermana Hannah Christensen is my companion, she is from Portalis, NM. She has a pixie cut/bob, natural red hair and she is the funniest girl ever. She's a singer, and SO talented at that. It's just the two of us in our apartment, we have an empty room... so we were kind of sad at first, but we have so much fun, it's not a big deal. She always has so much energy, which keeps me going. and she is SO good at spanish, which motivates me to do and study better. We get into these laughing fits about nothing, we get so hot after gym that we walk around in our apartment with just... nevermind. jaja... we work so well together, it's as simple as that. I am so grateful to have her as my first companion because we started off so well. 
-I have 7 people in my district, 5 elders and 2 sisters. Elders McCucheon, Valenzuela, Marshall, Gregory and Merrill. We actually started off with 8 people, one of my best homies went home this morning, I'll talk more about that later.... My zone has 3 districts, we just got a new one today, but haven't met anyone, so now there's 4! 4 hermanas and a bunch of other elders... IDK how many though. jajaja... we all get along so well and it's the best to speak spanish with everyone. I live on the West Campus which is ONLY spanish speaking missionaries. So... we are in our own little world out here by ourselves just trying to learn spanish together, HOLLA! My Branch Presidency IS THE BEST!! Presidente y Hermana Doman are the coolest people to walk the MTC (minus the apostles that are here this week too, more stories to come!). They are so powerful and energetic. Everytime we meet with them, the spirit is so strong. They aren't boring though, they're loud and proud and spunky and just awesome. My first interview with Pres. Doman was already one of the best spiritual experiences I've had so far. Like, what! After knowing him for 30 minutes, he already knew exactly what to say to make me feel better about serving. 
*What do I like/dislike about the MTC? (This one is for you, Logan Mont!)
I like and dislike everything here... jajaja. I like the environment. I really like that I can be in a place where everyone speaks spanish and we can all help each other. I like that my district and zone get along so well. I like feeling the spirit so strongly all day, every day. I like studying my scriptures all the time. I like trying new things, like choir. I like meeting someone new everyday and knowing that we have the most important things in common. 
I don't like that there's not enough time in a day. I have so many things I want to accomplish, but I literally don't have enough time. Like my roomies talked about in college, if we didn't have to sleep, we could be so much more productive! I don't like those moments where I miss my family and friends. 
But mostly, I like everything here! 
*How do I feel about the MTC? (Also for Logan..)
-The MTC seems like it's the best place for me to be right now. I can't imagine doing anything else. I think what it would be like to just quit and go home (I'm not always happy go lucky here.. jajaja) and I just can't imagine sitting at home doing the things I used to do. I know that I need to be here. And, although I might not be 100% prepared to speak spanish when I get to ARgentina, I know that my Heavenly Father is watching out for me and if I do what is right, the language ain't nothin' but a THANG!! I've had the best, longest, fastest week ever. I can't believe I only have 5 more left!!!
-jajajaja... that's all I've learned, how to laugh in spanish (; sike. I have learned SO much. It's the craziest thing that all of a sudden, my brain is in spanish and I think about all these different words. I dream about spanish vocabulary lists and english to spanish dictionaries. Hermano Graff is my teacher, and he is so helpful. He's such a powerful teacher. he never hesitates to compliment us on our progress and tell us how great we're doing. (He might be required to do that, but he's really convincing (; ) He's been home from his mission to Santo Domingo for.... 7 weeks. jajaja! He's still pretty new. He's only 21. He's fun to be around.. and he's so cute... am I allowed to say that? Teacher crushes are different than other crushes, right? (; aahhhh jajaja. I can pray en espanol (sorry, my keyboard won't do the spanish 'n', so just pretend it's there!), I have my purpose as a missionary memorized en espanol, half of the first vision in spanish, sing... and Hma. C and I have taught THREE lessons in spanish. coooool right?! HOLLA. I'm not saying they were smooth, or perfect, but we definitely taught in spanish. spanglish? same thing right.. hahah I only speak and pray in spanglish. If I speak regular english, my mouth just feels weird. I'm like, "what was that? was that real?" jajaja. 

Here's a little bit about my week. I am the Senior companion for the next 3 weeks (just because my birthday month is before Hma. C's... jaja). On Wednesday night, we had an investigator role play where we talked to some people about the gospel and their questions. YES, some of them are actually REAL investigators and have REAL questions. Heavenly Father has so much faith in his missionaries. so cool. We were learning how to love people from the very beginning and it's crazy that after only 40 minutes of getting to know someone and the desires of their heart, I can love someone so much and want to help them. 
On Friday, we taught our first lesson in spanish to Marcelo y Karin (aucento(?) sobre la 'i'). They are cool cats, and speak great spanish. Unlike myself... jaja. It was so hard at first, and it's still hard to teach in spanish and answer all their questions because I just don't know enough spanish. I could understand 90% of what they say but I don't speak enough. I could be the best english speaking missionary.... probably not, but the thought crosses my mind. (; Hma C and I sang in the choir for the special devotional. FIVE APOSTLES RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. so dope, right? Yah, the MTC is a cool place. D. Todd Christofferson spoke and it was powerful. Bednar, Anderson, Ballard, and Oaks were there. wahoooo so cool! 

I don't have much more time, and I still want to attach pictures, so here's some quotes/scriptures I've gathered from this week:

"Never take counsel from your fears. Never quit." -Hmo. Graff
""I know not, save my Father commanded me" (Adam at the altar) Do everything because you want to be the BEST. Not just because it's the rule." - Sis Doman
"why not ROCK  the MTC? You only get to do it once! 3 things: 1) work harder than everyone else. 2) LOVE... learn to develop it. 3) Laugh a lot, smile and enjoy the heck out of it! It's a gospel of happiness and joy!!" -Sis. Doman. 
1 Nephi 1:18-20
Omni 1:25-26
2 Nephi 31:3
Mormon 3:20

love you guys. Thanks for the support. Send me Dear elders!! or letters. they are the best! emails are awesome too. 

Hermana Terry

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