Sunday, August 31, 2014

....a little update....P-Day

Okay, I am going to give you a little update on my week! I´ll start with last p-DAY, we didn´t do much, i took a nap in the chapel, and it was great. haha it was also a holiday type thing, (argentines looove holidays. any excuse to miss work or school is something they are about), so everything was closed and our work was.. ehh, you guys get it. haha..
okay, so, as far as numbers go, in our area, things look really rough. but, at the end of the day, i don´t feel bad about what we have done, in fact, we do a lot of good stuff, but it just doesn´t show in the numbers. so oh well! We have found one new investigator this week, and she seems to have a lot of potential. she is 19, her name is soledad... she´s super cute, but we haven´t met with her again, because she´s never home. we have also found like 5 people in the streets that said they are willing to meet with us and we can come by their house to learn, which is really great. Everyone we meet is either lonely and lives alone, or has a huge family. haha and nobody here has teeth, it´s hilarious.  Even the dogs dont have teeth. But, everyone loves bread and alfajores.. so all is well in the world! 
We have been studying a lot about integrity these past two weeks, because we just had a zone conference on friday and that was the theme. it has been really cool and interesting to learn about that. I want to be better at keeping my word, and having more honesty with myself and with others. If we aren´t honest, every other part of our lives will suffer, so I am really working on that. If a man couldn´t trust my words, why should God trust my words? He wouldn´t! We cannot lie to God, he knows all. 
Also, I have been reading the book of mormon for my personal studies.. and wow. you guys, the gospel is SO true. life is so simple. somethign i have read a lot is "in as much as ye keep my commandments, ye shall prosper in the land"... wow how simple. God is the man! I have been in Alma 1-15.. ahh he´s the man. I love reading the words of the prophets everyday. what a blessing. The scriptures literally have ALL the answers to everything. so cool.

i am loving life as a missionary. it is hard. i have never been so tired, physically and mentally. but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone´s heart or countenance change because of our spirit and our love and our message about Jesus Christ and eternal life. It´s so amazing. 

Hermana Terry

ps.. I want to hear about peoples tender mercy journals?? How´s it going? It´s really a huge blessing! it has improved my outlook of everyday so much (: (: 

old, but seriously, we were soaked my first while here. like, we took showers. it was crazy and freezing! haha

my missionary friend! a statue in someones yard that looks just like a missionary, tag and all. hhaha

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