Thursday, March 5, 2015

8 months?

There are a few things I would like to share from this week. One is a lesson that we had with an investigator family. We had something planned, but it ended up that there were some extra famiy members there, and so we changed our book of mormon lesson plan.  thanks to the amazing cards we are using right now (, we had a super cool lesson. We put all of the cards on the table, they chose the one they liked most,  and we let them share a little bit about what they thought the answer to the question was. Then, we found a scripture for every question they had. They all agreed that they answers were helpful, and the spirit was so strong. The coolest part was that the 4 girls in the lesson were all different ages, all different experiences and everyone felt the spirit. They all said that it helped them a lot to get rid of their doubts and have more hope in the future.
Also, this week I prayed very specifically before reading The Book of Mormon and almost instantly, I found an answer to my prayer. This week, I have definitely gotten to know my book of Mormon better and my testimony is constantly strengthened. I can't even handle how freaking cool The Book of Mormon is. GO READ IT NOW! and pray about something specifically, you will find an answer. i promise (:
Also, we had a super great activity with our bishop on saturday morning in the plaza. we did a encuesta ( i dont know that word in english, sorry... look it up), it went really well and we got 34 references in an hour! we are really excited to find all of these people again and help them accept the gospel.the gospel is the coolest thing ever.
oh, also, fun fact. I started my family history work this week.. haha in a little book called My Family... go do it. it is fun (:

well, be good, homies. keep it reaalll and eat your vegetables (:

Hermana Terry

I am really tan.. but I have a farmers tan.. hahaha 

hna soto and marcela... good times in the bathroom, thanks for the picture Alma. haha

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