Thursday, March 5, 2015

Come unto Christ, Come unto him

Okay, I think that I am semi-embarrassed that I like efy music.. but it's all that I have got to listen to.. that or the hymns. so give me a break. haha that is what the title is, if you're interested, look it uuppp! (;

This week has been pretty great, tranquilo, but we have worked hard. Here are some great things that happened: we had a "charla franca" with an investigator family while teaching lesson 3 and it turned out super great! ( a charla franca translates into a frank chat.. basically it means that we lay down the law and tell the investigator that they need to get their crap together, or we can't continue teaching because it is a waste of our time. that is a really direct way to put it... haha) we put a baptismal date with the 4 of them that aren't members. It was a really powerful lesson. We had a family night with our Anahi and Gustavo about the atonement and they really like to learn about how they can continue to be an example and making changes. If you have seen The District, more specifically the lesson with German about the law of chastity, that is basically how Gustavo is. He is trying SO HARD to follow all the rules and he basically doesn't talk to anyone all day, just to avoid saying something bad... haha he is is such a champion. I seriously love them... and we are counting down, only two more weeks!!! Please keep them in their prayers, they are making huge changes in their lives.
We gave a Book of Mormon to Silvana, an evangelical investigator, this week that we had written our testimonies in. She is really evangelical, but is so nice and always receives us in her house, the only worry we have is that she just wants to be friends. We are working on sharing more and helping her understand what we do and that the best thing we have to offer her is the gospel.Her husband is a freaking member.. but he is kinda cray cray. hah. 
Also, Hermana Soto and I were talking about all of the changes we have seen in the ward since we started working together and we decided that we had activated many families and people and we have had a baptism. So far, we have helped la familia Parra (7 people), la familia Barraza (5people), Luis, Rocio and Irma Huenul (son, daughter & wife of Rene, our recent convert), and we helped a recent convert get back to church after a tough trial during the holidays. We feel like we are doing a lot of good work... and honestly, the reason that I know we are seeing so many miracles is because we are using the book of mormon like we never have before. We read it in all of the lessons, we give homeworks assignments to read during the week, and we are making sure that everyone KNOWS that it is an inspired book from God and that it holds the evidence to everything we say. It has helped so much. (: I invite you guys to really read the book of mormon... READ IT. READ IT WITH ALL THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART AND MIND. I promise that you will feel closer to God and strengthen your testimony of the truth. 

also, just us, always trying to find Valeria.. get home Valeria!!!

just the freaking cutest baby of the earth. Aihan. (I-an) soo darling. love him

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