Monday, March 16, 2015

Successful week.......

We had  a super successful week... it was tiring and long, but at the end of the week, I felt super happy. This weekend, Anahi and Gustavo got married and so they are now living together and it's like seeing a completely different couple. I am honestly amazed and overwhelmed at the changes they have made to follow the gospel and accept Christ as their Savior. so cool. 
Also, Anahi's little sister Melina (17 years old) went to the baptism and went to church to see her confirmed... turns out that she really liked the meetings and felt something different than any other church. She has now been to church two weeks in a row and we couldn't let it go one more day without inviting her to be baptized. the truth is,  we haven't even had a lesson with her, we have only talked to her and asked what she liked about the church and testified of its truthfulness. She told us that she liked it, but she wanted to keep learning and feel really sure because baptism is important for her. She also said that she wanted to take the process really slow to learn more. (Hermana Soto and I said that we understood and helped her feel good about everything, but she is WAY too prepared to wait much longer.) Then, we had a FHE with the bishop about baptism last night, she came with anahi and gustavo. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted the 28th of march!! Something that helped her feel like the church is really different and true is that we invited HER to pray to God to ask if the church is true and if she needs to be baptized. She had never received an invitation like that from another church before. She said that she really feels like that is what makes the church different, we are focused a lot on our relationship with God and the family. 

So we are preparing to have Rosa be baptized this week and Melina the next week, on the 28th. Then, we also have 3 kids - Rocio (14), Sol (11) and Hernan (9) that are prepapring to be baptized on the 3rd of April. They are all super receptive and love learning about the church, and going to the meetings. SO MANY BLESSINGS!!! (: 

Also, we had SIX investigators in the church meetings yesterday. We are feeling SO blessed. (: are you kiddin' me... I can hardly even contain my joy. I literally don't have words. I just feel so overwhelmed and cried my eyes out to my Heavenly Father of gratitude for being here in the mission and being able to help others find true happiness from the gospel. 

lets take a good look at this picture... my feet. see all the whiteness? yah, those aren't socks... that is my SKIN. super tan, right? hahaha so embarrassing. but I am so happy for Anahi and Gustavo.

so keep on keepin' and prepare yourselves for the general conference!!!

Hermana Terry

Also, this is the Noche de Hogar that we had with the Bishop and his family. So hyped. Sooo hyped! melina is in the black and white polka dots on the right. she's going in the waterrr!! (:(:

(isn't that KYLEE so cute?!  Love her) (her mom) =]

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