Sunday, February 22, 2015

Super Awesome........

So this week, we had a super awesome noche de hogar with our investigators, lead by hermana soto about love and how to show real, christ like love. it was super awesome, and very spiritual, everyone was crying. Moments like that help me keep moving forward, and help me stay motivated.I honestly love Anahi and Gustavo and their family so much, I just die of happiness everytime we can be with them. They are definitely family to me. 
Also, we had another family night about prayer with a less active and her son and two of her friends. It was fun and the little boy who is 6 years old, always says his prayers. when we followed up, he said that one morning, he was getting ready to leave, but then realized that he didn't say his prayers, so he ran back to his room to start his day right. I am constantly amazed at the faith of young children. their examples help me grow so much. Obviously there's a reason why we need to become more like young children (mosiah 3:19)
Also, we had a baptism on saturday!  Renècito. He is soo great. He is an older man, almost all of his famiy are members, except one son. And literally I am freaked ouuuttt by how much they remind me of The Schmauch famiy. There are 7 kids and I can choose each one of their kids to be one of the schmauchs.. it is freaky.. in a good way. (:
I can't even begin to explain the change I have seen in his attitude. Everything about him has changed since I met him. I LOVE seeing how the gospel changes peoples lives. Now, his prayers are so much more sincere and specific. he has more desires to share his thoughts, and even though he is suffering from parkinsons disease, every time he sees us, it's like he forgets about his struggles and has a huge smile on his face. he is a really great man and I am super thankful to my Heavenly Father for preparing him for this step. I honestly feel like it wasn't even our baptism because he was so ready. There have been missionaries visiting him for like... AGES... but for some reason, when we asked him to be baptized on the 16th of January, he said yes, and I knew that he would be baptized. More than anything, because we had the faith to do EVERYTHING to help him keep progressing. It has been a very great month helping him prepare for baptism.
Next on the list: Anahi and Gustavo. They finally have a date to be married, the 13th of March and then their baptisms are scheduled for the 14th of March. KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS!! They need it for sure, because they are so young and have a lot of trials, but I know that they were prepared way before we even got there. 

Thanks for all of the prayers and support, seriously you guys rock my world. The mission is the best. The challenge this week: if you have ANY doubt about the gospel, even if it is the tiniest thing, be humble, get on your knees and ask your Heavenly Father about it. then, ACT. Search the scriptures and be diligent. I can promise you that you will find the answer, just like I have in all these months.

hermana Terry

ps... i will try to send photos later.. sorry homies!

Renecito didn't like to take pictures, but I promise that he was happy (:

okay, Alma technically wasn't our baptism, but we taught her everything. She is Renes granddaughter.. cutest (:

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