Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's been a pretty great week (nacho voice...)

this week has been pretty great. something awesome that has happened is that we had two family nights about the atonement, capacitacion de zona, a tsunami in Centro, and lots of lessons with our investigators. It has been a week of many trials, but even more blessings. I am learning to be more consagrated, and make more sacrifices. Every day I realize that the time is passing so fast, and I almost have 8 months in the mission... but I want to make sure that the next 10 months are really worth it, so I am trying to animate myself and use the animation of my companion to keep me going (: "los que no vinieron al redil" is SERIOUSLY WORKING! It is amazing. We have been working hard with 3 different families in the ward, trying to visit them at least once per week, two times if possible... and call them, pass by to say hi and just make sure they know that we love them. This week, ALL THREE FAMILIES CAME TO CHURCH! Our attendance in the sacrament meeting went from 45 to 94 in two weeks. I literally couldn't believe my eyes. I gave a talk and when I got up to see all of the members, I almost passed out because I haven't seen such a big congregation in all of my mission. It was SO. COOOL. I feel extremely blessed, I know that my Heavenly Father is really watching out for me and making sure that we are taken care of. Our investigators that have baptismal dates are making lots of changes... something really exciting is that Anahi and Gustavo finally got their date to get married! It is for March 13th.. it's a lot later than we had hoped, but we are going to keep working and praying that we can change it to a date that is sooner. I am very excited to see all the changes.

also, i want to share what President Lovell shared with us this week, because Ihave been studying A LOT about forgiveness and repentence:
"Throughout the mission there are hundreds beginning to return to participate in Sunday meetings. It is amazing how the spirit is melting the hearts of those. But it is one thing to feel the spirit and otherwise to maintain the spirit as part of their daily lives. I invite you to think about the needs of every member of the church. All we need to do things that help us to keep the spirit every moment of every day. Everything begins with repentance.
Repentance has to be more consistent in family and personal prayers to Heavenly Father. Repentance includes taking time each day to study the Book of Mormon and enjoy the words of the prophets and their testimony of redemption through the Savior. Repentance includes being obedient to the commandments of God to receive the blessings promised to the faithful. Repentance includes the act of making covenants with the Lord through priesthood restored. Repentance involves doing service to build your next as to build the kingdom of God to serve the living through callings and assignments and the dead through family history." (sorry if the english is weird, it was translated from spanish (: )

Remember that our testimonies start with the basics...  

hermana terry

just the cutest Valentina... she was in the hospital for a week after getting burned... pobre...

she took that pic of me (:

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